10 Facts About Brain Work Which Prove We’re Capable of Anything

The brain is the organ that helps us to reason, remember and learn new facts. The brain has 100 billion neurons and the blood vessels present in brain extends to a length of 100,000 miles. In fact, the brain is the fattest part of our body as it is made of 60% fat.

This post is to invite readers to learn the techniques of effective utilization of brain capacity to reach our goals.

Brainy Fact #1

The most exciting feature of the brain is it has no distinction between reality and fantasy. So the main advantage is the Idea perceived within you is a reality for brain even if you don’t practically implement it. In simple if you visualize the world with the positive perspective you have positive vibes and visualizing with tainted glass creates negative vibrations. This is the main reason why placebo was given by doctor often cures patients.

Brainy Fact #2

The brain is an organ that never gets fatigue says research. Isn’t it a happy fact to know that brain never takes rest not even while sleeping? The idea of the brain getting tired emerges only from our emotions. Even though the amount of blood flows in veins of the human body who has worked all day changes the blood flow to the brain will be always constant. This fact helps us to work with enthusiasm throughout the day.

Brainy Fact #3

The brain works automatically by using the thoughts that have already reinforced in it from the past. So pessimists often find it difficult to clean up the negative thoughts of past and allow fresh positive thoughts to get seated in brain cells. The key factor is to cleanse the brain cells from past negative thoughts.

Brainy Fact #4

Our life experience is first conceptualized in the brain. The thoughts turn into life experiences. For example, if you dream about playing for Indian cricket team, you’ll see reminders of you in cricket action everywhere. That is why great philosophers have always told— “If you want to change the world around you, first change your thoughts.”

Brainy Fact #5

If we train body muscles definitely our Physique improves isn’t it? Similarly, if we train our brain our Psyche gets nourished. We can train brain through meditation, fresh air workouts, healthy eating habits, sound sleep, exploring new places, dancing, singing and playing.

Brainy Fact #6

Most interesting fact about Brain is it never rests. Even when we are in sleep, our brain continues to work. In fact, its activity during our sleep is more intensive than we are awake.

Brainy Fact #7

So from fact #6, we learned Brain never rests. So How to give necessary vitality to the brain? The answer is we can eliminate thousands of negative thoughts. We should give active rest to the brain.  Meditation is a form of active rest and it’s the most useful kind of relaxation.

Brainy Fact #8

In Computer or Phone memory, we can store new information only by erasing old information, isn’t it? Similarly in the brain to “save” new memories, our brain needs to get rid of old ones. So it is important to train the brain what should be forgotten and what should be remembered.

Brainy Fact #9

The most interesting aspect of Brain is it can only react to our pain but it doesn’t have receptors to feel the pain. However, the blood vessels, nerves, and tissue attached to the brain can sense the pain.

Brainy Fact #10

Often Psychologists ask us to train our brain in a positive direction. This is possible because the brain has the ability to make new and instant connections with fresh neurons. As the Brain has this inherent capability training the brain to think positively should not be a difficult task for any human being. If we can reinforce the phrase “I’ll succeed,” The brain automatically gives opportunities to realize our goals.

Friends, the brain functions in such a way that if we believe in ourselves it provides us with necessary ingredients to reach our goals.

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