10 Mysterious Facts About Puri Jagannath Temple

India is land of spirituality and from ancient times temples in India have been a place of attraction for foreign travelers for the architectural and spiritual values associated with them. Here are 10 mysteries ancient Puri Jagannath Temple of Orissa is known for apart from it being the holy place for Hindus.

Mystery #1

‘Fly like a bird’ is the phrase associated with ‘Freedom’. But Birds in Puri Jagannath Temple premises are known to express their respect to God Jagannath by not flying above the temple apex! This mysterious behavior of birds goes unanswered even today.

Mystery #2

The apex of Jagannath Temple is has a Wheel called Neela Chakra and is visible from any part of Puri city. But the mystery is no matter from which part of the city you view this wheel, it appears as if it is facing you! Though the reason behind this can be the architectural and engineering brains of the sculptors of ancient India who built this temple the visibility of Neel Chakra in whole from any part of the city is a mystery to everyone visiting this holy town

Mystery #3

“Flow with the Wind,” says an adage, isn’t it? But the flags atop the shrine tower of Jagannath temple behave opposite. The flags here flutter in the direction opposite to that of the wind blow.

Mystery #4

Any solid object is known to create a shadow based on the direction of light. But the architectural marvel at Puri Jagannath temple is such that the main dome of temple’s sanctum sanctorum never sheds shadow! This fact can again be attributed to the architect’s workmanship and scientific ability of engineers of ancient India.

Mystery #5

Nature is known to possess so many unanswered mysteries within her womb.  Temple town of Puri is also renowned for such facts. It is natural that cool breeze blows from sea to shores during daytime and the direction of breeze changes from shore to sea during night time. But at Puri town, the direction of breeze is opposite to that exhibited in other seashores!

Mystery #6

The temple kitchen has its own set of mysteries. Here ‘Prasada’ or holy food is cooked in seven mud pots placed one above the other using firewood. But the interesting aspect of Jagannath Temple is the bottom-most vessel food gets cooked at the end and the topmost vessel food gets cooked first. Though this behavior can be explained by scientific reasoning, the scientific thinking of ancient Indian folk needs applause.

Mystery #7     

The Same amount of holy food or Prasada is cooked every day at temple premises irrespective of thousands or lakhs of people visiting the shrine but a single grain of food is not wasted or deficient.

Mystery #8

Place of worship demands tranquillity. The Puri Jagannath Temple mysteriously has serenity inside the Singha Dwara or Main Entrance. Despite the temple is very close to the ocean once a devotee enters the Main entrance the burgeoning sound of ocean waves disappears!

Mystery #9

During festive season of chariot festival, two different chariots are used to bring the deities. The reason being there was a river flowing in between the Jagannath Temple and Mausi Maa (Aunty) temple. The first set of chariots were meant to bring the lords up to the river and then the lords had to ferry across the river in three giant wooden boats to reach the Mausi Maa temple.

Mystery #10

No matter how meticulously authorities plan to execute the Chariot festival and the temple doors get closed by 6 P.M. The devotees throng the temple abode beyond the time limit. This fact is attributed to the mysterious fact that at a spot ahead of the Gundicha Temple the procession comes to halt for some period on its own!

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