8 Hardworking ISRO Women Scientists Who Are Breaking The Space Ceilings With Their Work

The world is changing at a rapid pace and it is becoming technologically advanced with each passing day. India is catching up with the world in the technology space and is giving advanced countries a run for their money by perfectly executing space missions like – Mars Orbiter Mission and Chandrayan to name a few. Believe me or not, the credit for the success of this mission should go equally to women as we credit the men behind the mission. Though they look like any other lady from our neighborhood, their knowledge and expertise in the field are unmatched and they are making the country proud of their amazing achievements. Here’s a list of 8 women scientists who have made the country proud and inspired thousands to opt science as a field to gain expertise:

Ritu Karidhal, she is a mother of two kids who spent most of her weekends at ISRO, brainstorming with ISRO engineers:

Ritu Karidhal’s journey to become a scientist started with her curiosity with regards to the moon. She used to wonder why does the moon become bigger and smaller with passing time and why on certain nights the moon doesn’t appear in the sky at all.
This curiosity made her read all the materials related to space science as a kid and that has helped her become the Deputy Operations Director of the Mars Orbiter Mission.

Moumita Dutta – she used to read about Chandrayan during her student life. Today she is the project manager of the Mars Mission.

After completing M. Tech in Applied Physics from the University of Kolkata, she joined the ISRO.
Today she is working as the project manager for Mars Mission and also leads a team which is trying hard to achieve indigenous progress in optical sciences as a part of ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Nandini Harinath – She had joined 20 years back to take up her first job at ISRO and she has achieved amazing feats in the past 20 years.

She was inspired by Star Trek Series and this inspiration made her take up science subject a tad bit seriously. Now, she is working as a Dy. Director at ISRO and feels extremely proud to see MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) on Rs. 2000 currency notes.

A hard-working woman Nandini did not go home just before the launch of the mission despite having to look after the children at home. It is the sacrifices made by women like her that are making India reach such great heights in the space mission.

Anuradha TK – She is the senior-most woman officer at ISRO and works as a Geosat Programme Director

Like many others, Ms. Anuradha was inspired by Neil Armstrong when he set foot on the moon, but unlike others, this historical moment motivated her to take up science and at a tender age of 9, she had already decided to become a space scientist.
Anuradha is an inspiration to all the women working at ISRO and also elsewhere. She was always interested in logical subject’s right from the beginning and today she applies the same logical brain at her workplace. She says, she sometimes forgets that she is a woman at ISRO as the atmosphere is so welcoming and everyone there works as equals.

N Valarmathi – She was at the helm of affairs when ISRO launched India’s first indigenously developed radar imaging satellite, the RISAT – 1

Though she is the second woman after Anuradha TK to take a lead of a satellite mission at ISRO, she is the first woman in India to head a mission which involves a remote sensing satellite.
At an age of 52 when most of us start thinking about retirement, she thought about the welfare of the nation and as a result made her state – Tamil Nadu and the country proud by her achievement.

Minal Sampath – She worked for about 18 hours every single day to ensure the successful launch of Mars Orbiter Mission

She was the leader of a group of 500 scientists as a systems engineer at ISRO. For about two consecutive years, she bid goodbye to all the Sundays and also national holidays.
Her sacrifice did not go in vain and as a result of hard work put in by her and scientists like her, India was successful in launching Mars Mission in the first attempt itself, a feat which was not achieved by any country until then.
Her aim is to become the first woman director to head a national space agency and we really hope she achieves success in her personal mission and continues to make all of us proud of her achievements.

Kriti Faujdar – She is a computer scientist who makes sure satellites are in their orbit

She is a member of a big team which looks after the satellites and missions continuously and makes sure they are in their prescribed orbit. She is the one who makes all the necessary corrections whenever something goes wrong.
Her job is not a usual 9 to 5 job rather it is a demanding one and sometimes makes her spend the whole day and also the night at the office monitoring the satellites. Despite working for such long hours she doesn’t complain as she loves her job to the core. She also wants to pursue M. Tech so that she could become a better scientist and contribute a lot more to the progress of ISRO.

Tessy Thomas – Famously known as ‘Agniputri’, she is the missile woman of India who headed the Agni IV and Agni V mission

Hardworking scientists like Tessy Thomas, have not only made India secure when it comes to defending the borders but also have been instrumental in helping the country join the elite club of countries with ICBMs. She is famously called as ‘Agniputri’ by the media owing to her amazing achievements.

Though we have listed only 8 women scientists in this article, there are about 16,000 women working for ISRO and it is the hard work and sacrifices made by these amazing people at ISRO that we as a country stand out when it comes to space science. These women who have made the country proud of their amazing achievements will continue to inspire thousands of youngsters for generations to come and thus help India achieve greater heights in the coming years.

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