Nitin Godse – A Journey From Selling Vegetables to Building a Rs 25 Crore business

“I am starving to see new horizons.”— Nitin Godse


‘Fish taking to water’ is the metaphor we often associate with people who delve into a profession or action with ease and comfort that an ordinary being can’t even guess. We often speak about ‘born leaders’ or ‘born genius’ kind of personalities who have thronged planet earth and have inspired millions to tread their path. Here is one such inspiring personality Nitin Godse for the readers from Kalam Fan Club, who had a humble beginning as a farmer’s son who had to indulge in petty businesses as a student to support his education and the ever-burning desire to be an independent businessman took him in various directions and even went on to pursue post graduation in Business Administration and finally achieved his dream of owning a company in Pure Gas Installations with crores of turnover and has provided a means of bread and butter for hundreds of his countrymen. Let us dive deep into this exciting journey of Nitin Godse’s life story.

The Making Days of Entrepreneur         

Nitin Godse was born in a low-income farming family in a village called Akole in Ahmednagar district, of Maharashtra state. His father had to struggle entire day for a meager pay of Rs-400 on a monthly basis. As aforesaid, Nitin had an intuition to do business, and the hardship at home forced him to sell water, local bakery products in his locality to support his schooling needs. But He had no regrets for being a sales boy rather had immense satisfaction with these petty jobs. On completion of School, he opted to do Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) though his soul palpitated for an engineering degree obviously the reason being his inability to bear engineering expenses.

The Entry into Job Market

Nitin on completion of graduation succeeded in procuring a job as a supervisor in a private firm associated with Orkay food industries and had a short stint with Technove imaging systems. By then Nitin realized without higher educational qualification his career market is stunted. He decided to pursue MBA and enrolled for this programme at Pune University and completed it in the year 1996. During this period too his experiments with small business ventures continued.

The Post Graduation qualification earned him a job at an agro-based firm called ‘Vishnu Priya Agro Industries’ and his forefather’s occupation (Farming) helped him to excel in the vegetable processing industry. But his inner drive to be on his own was always in the back of his mind. This experience in the agro-based industry gave him the impetus to venture into his own agro-based company.


The First Venture as Packaged Vegetable Seller

During the late 90s, India did not mushroom with Mall culture, and predominantly most households depended on grocery stores for vegetable and food products needs. It was during this time Nitin started a venture to provide vegetables that are cleanly cut into pieces and packaged and marketed. The idea was novel and had many takers, but Nitin didn’t have any capital to invest and relied on a friend to invest 5 Lakh rupees. Nitin used to toil entire day to procure the vegetables and package it and market it. He recalls that approximately he used to package 750 Kgs of vegetables in a day. But investors didn’t give him share in the company and profit was also not shared, inevitably he had to shut down the business. Though Nitin couldn’t sustain this venture, in the long run, the roller-coaster journey of an entrepreneur had begun. During this period Nitin also went into a depression state as the business failed.

Back to Employee Status

A close friend of Nitin came to his help and got him an opportunity to work as a Marketing Manager in a Gas company. Nitin could regain his confidence working for this firm, and he traveled extensively across the country and meticulously delivered his responsibilities. Nitin worked for nearly three years for this organization and his inner voice prompted him to again become an entrepreneur.

The year 1999 Double Bonanza Year

1999 was a cherishing year in the life of Nitin Godse, His eldest son was born in the same year, and he laid the foundation for Excel Gas and Equipments Pvt Ltd on 31 December 1999. The role of this organization is to install pipelines for ultra pure gas lines.

Today the company is ranked 5th in its domain in the country with ISO certification and specializes in on-site piping and tubing installations, the supply of onsite services like pipe and tube supply and fitting, on-site manual welding and other forms of welding. The company has spread its wings across the globe with a major chunk of projects from Middle-East countries.

The clientele in India has many major players like Pfizer, Cipla, Reliance, Godrej, Indian Institute of Science & Research, Qatar Petroleum and BARC.

The Hurdles Crossed in Building 25 Crore Empire

The scarcity of capital to suffice basic infrastructure needs of the company was also a big burden for him. His first big project was of Govt. to lay down Gas lines for nearly 13 kms, and the project worth was 58 Lakh Rupees. But unfortunately for Nitin, the land allotted for laying down the pipelines was detected as a radioactive zone, and Govt officials took their own time to prepare a blueprint for the project. This caused a heavy burden on his company to pay interest on the money borrowed as a loan. The entire project which should have been executed in 2 months took three years. In this initial project, he suffered a loss of 80 lakh rupees.

But undeterred by these hurdles today Excel Gas & Equipment Pvt Ltd had grown effectively with nearly 30 percent annual growth and CEO, Nitin has a vision of making it a 500 crore worth company by 2022.

Future Plans

As per the business growth is considered, Nitin wants to venture into chemical industry and is starting ten chemical plants in Aurangabad and Nasik. But having born in a poor farming family, He doesn’t want to forget his past. He has plans to retired at 55 and desires to dedicate his retired life to help people fight social issues and make this planet a better place to live. He is also clear in mind that he doesn’t want to insist his children to take up his business and educating them is his only goal.

The Take away from Nitin’s Life

According to Nitin, every one of us builds our future based on past experience, but unfortunately, he didn’t have one. Trial-and-error, with a higher probability of error, was the key mantra in his venture.

This Kalam fan Club post will be more meaningful with one of his quote – “I’ve made big blunders, but I stuck to my convictions. I kept finding solutions to my problems. After all, problems without solutions have no meaning at all,”

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