Aadish Cheruku – The 12 Year Old Who Fought Cancer and Also Proved Himself as a Chess champion

Terminal diseases diagnosed among young children are the worst thing that can happen for both parents and the kids who are still looking at this world with a twinkle in their eyes. Kalam Fan Club has featured motivating stories of such children who have fought such threatening diseases with perseverance and willpower. While a seven-year-old boy like Deyaan Udani proved his human values by donating multiple organs in Mumbai as he was diagnosed with multiple clots in the brain, the story of Tushar Rishi from Ranchi fought bone cancer to secure 95% score in his CBSE board exams is the other inspiring story. While the story of a girl by name Ummul Kher, despite suffering from fragile bone disorder swimming against all the odds cracking IAS exams is a motivational one about terminal disease survivors.

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Here we are bringing in a story of 12-year-old Hyderabad based boy by name Aadish Cheruku, who was diagnosed with a condition called acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (a kind of blood cancer) at the age of five and fought with it positively to overpower it and today has survived to prove his mettle as a chess champion.

The Tussle with Cancer

Little Aadish spent nearly nine months in isolation at the hospital undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. During these days his only window to outside world was his mother Mrs.Nagalakshmi, even she had to interact with him with protective gears like mask and gloves. Recalling her son’s brave fight against deadliest cancer, she applauds his willpower and fighting spirit of bearing the pain of chemotherapy as a most important aspect of his victory over cancer.

Chess as Pastime

Aadish was introduced to the game of chess as a pastime in the hospital, and he started loving the game. Later he was introduced to a professional coach Mr. Hanuman Satish, who appreciated the immaculate observation trait of this boy and recommended him to take up the game seriously. Thus, Aadish started pursuing the game of chess as a profession.

Gateway to World Children’s Winners’ Games

World Children’s Winners’ Game is a unique championship that hosts athletic and other games for solely for children who have survived deadliest disease like cancer. The idea was conceived in the year 2010, and the first championship took place in Moscow with 200 children taking part in it.

Last year Aadish was selected to participate in this prestigious event held in Moscow. Aadish was one among 15 children shortlisted in chess category. He performed meticulously and missed a bronze medal by a whisker.  But according to his father Mr. Venkatesh, this championship gave him a lot of confidence and a platform to interact with peers as he was quarantined for the most of his life behind hospital walls. Aadish’s coach is also hopeful about this boy’s future as a chess player and is expecting better performances to come out of this little champion in the near future.

Kalam Fan Club wishes greater success for this prodigy in future.

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