Abhishek Rungta – Started a Company With Rs 3,000 and Grown It To a 55 Crore Business

I would rather die of Passion than of boredom, said Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch painter who was passionate about his artwork with more than 2100 works consisting of 860 oil paintings and more than 1300 watercolors in his kitty. Passion can take an individual to the pinnacle of success if it is coated with perseverance. This post from Kalam Fan Club is about one such entrepreneur whose sheer dedication to building a web designing and hosting company took him to greater heights even though he had paltry 3000 rupees to float his business.

The Sprout of Entrepreneurship during School Days

Abhishek was born in a middle-class Marwari family with a younger sister by name Ankita. His father was into Jute trade in Kolkata region, and Abhishek used to accompany his father on business trips during vacations. These trips gave him the insight to master intricacies of business, and he quickly captured business perspective from a customer-centric standpoint and also the day-to-day problems faced by the entrepreneurs.

He did his schooling from South Point School, Kolkata, where he had an opportunity to enroll for a self-improvement programme from Duke of Edinburgh’s that helped to polish his leadership and initiative readiness skills.

486 Machine – His Best Friend

As a student, he used to spend marathon hours with his 486 computer that his father got him at the age of 17. During these years he honed computer skills to best possible levels. For graduation he joined St. Xavier’s College Kolkata to pursue B.Com. The college hours (6 AM to 9.30 AM) completely suited Abhishek to work as Citibank executive selling loans for a salary of Rs. 2250 a month. This work experience as a direct selling agent concertized the selling art within him.

Turning Point of the career

The year 1997 was a turning point one for Abhishek. He was happily working for a Bank, and a road accident made him bed-ridden. He had to spend his entire day at home, and again he turned towards his good old friend 486 computer. This time he had all the time in the world to learn new things on the computer. He honed programming and web designing skills. Web designing became his passionate trade. In the same year, Duke of Edinburg visited Kolkata to commemorate Indian Independence, and he gave away DoFE awards. Abhishek was also one of the distinguished recipients of the award for all-round development and curricular activities. During this ceremony, Abhishek showcased his designing skills through an animated video about DofE activities held in the city of joy. Duke well accepted his designing skills. This motivated Abhishek to take up a new venture of his own in the field of designing and thus the blueprint for a web designing company was ready.

The birth of the Indus Internet Technology Company

Yes, Abhishek was all set to float his own company, but he didn’t have crores of rupees to start a firm. But definitely had passion burning within. With this immense desire to succeed he visited an IT Exhibition held at a place called Ballygunge in Kolkata. He wanted to showcase his company in a stall. But didn’t have enough money to rent a stall, luckily for him someone was ready to sublet half of their stall for Rs. 6000. But Abhishek had only Rs. 3000 in custody. Again a friend by name Hriday Biyani came to his help by sharing another 3000 rupees as he too was interested to promote his ideas. Thus Abhishek Rungta could own a stall in an IT exhibition. But until then he had not even decided on the name for his company. Thinking deeply about the name that is suitable for his company he went to a restaurant which had a name called Indus Valley Hotel.  He did a copy-cat of this name and christened his firm as Indus Internet technology. By spending 50 rupees, he made brochures and posters depicting his web designing and hosting ideas. The Stall gave him the breakthrough and was able to get a couple of orders to design websites. So, the journey of an entrepreneur had a beginning.

The Growth Phase of Indus Internet technology

  • Web Hosting was a new phenomenon when Abhishek floated his firm, The difference in Web hosting pricing at India and USA was significant, He utilized the opportunity to build his business effectively
  • In 1998-99 He registered his company as private limited company and renamed it as Indus Net Technologies and started engaging resellers to sell web hosting spaces, which proved to be profitable
  • All his operations were done singlehandedly by working from his father’s office at Clive Row in Northern Kolkata.
  • By now the firm was recognized as one of the largest web hosting companies in the country doing 10 Lakh rupees turnover
  • By 2008 He worked hard and achieved a turnover of around Rs 13 crore with a clientele of 3000 small companies in India and abroad with his team of 300 employees
  • In the year 2012, he had a small setback as some of his employees left firm and hijacked some of the client-bases
  • Abhishek overhauled the working model and began to associating with big enterprises only
  • Currently, around 750 employees work for Indus Net in web applications, mobile apps, digital marketing, cloud infra and analytics domains
  • Indus Net Technologies has also gone big by acquiring two companies – Indus Net Techshu, Influx ERP

Thirst to Pursue Higher Education

Even after earning name and fame in business, Abhishek thirst for learning new technologies hasn’t evaporated. He went to U.K to obtain Masters degree in Multimedia Technology in the year 1999 by handing over the reins to his sister Ankita, who had acclimatized with the nitty-gritty of his company.

Currently Indus Net has its presence in UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Singapore. Approximately 11,000 projects have been delivered to various clients across the globe.

This success story from Kalam fan Club should be an inspiration for all of us out there to follow our passion with focus.

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