Ambur Iyyappa – The Local Delivery Boy Who Became a Multi-Millionaire

This is an amazing story of Ambur Iyyappa, born and brought up in Vellore, who created a fortune out of nothing and became a multi-millionaire from being a mere delivery boy at a flight courier company. Ambur Iyyappa became a millionaire not only because he worked hard but because he believed that constant learning would fetch great results and even after joining a company he did not stop learning. This story of Ambur will make you realize the importance of formal education and its application in real life. A man who started with a salary of Rs. 8000 a month is now multi-millionaire and a prized possession of Flipkart. He is so famous in the e-commerce circles that people draw inspiration from him and seek to emulate him to achieve success in life.

Ambur was born to an ordinary family in Vellore, TamilNadu and had a very normal upbringing. After his schooling days, he shifted to Hosur which was about 130 km from his place to study diploma. During his Diploma days, he did an apprenticeship for a year with Ashok Leyland, a company famous for manufacturing heavy vehicles. After his apprenticeship, he moved to Bengaluru and started working for a Flight Courier Company as a delivery boy. Unlike others he did not waste time cribbing about his destiny rather he spent time honing his skills and learning new aspects of logistics. Within a short period of 4 years Ambur, who had joined as a delivery boy rose ranks and became the manager of the company, managing the logistics of incoming mails for South Bengaluru.

Iyyappa felt this was the right time to get acquainted with new skills in the logistics sector and hence applied for a leave of three months to do a diploma course. He was in for a shock after he returned from his course. Someone else had been appointed in his place, and the people in authority said that they had no position vacant to recruit him. He felt the sky had fallen on him and had no idea what to do about his future. Luckily, he met a friend who was working as a delivery boy at Flipkart and came to know that Flipkart was looking for an in-house logistics person. This was a phase when Flipkart was nothing but a small company who used to sell books online and people had little or no knowledge of the company.

Ambur who was now unemployed approached Flipkart and met Binny and Sachin Bansal to apply for the vacant post. The duo shared their concern with him regarding logistics and Ambur assured them that he would handle the work and make necessary changes in the delivery system. Sachin and Binny instantly liked Ambur, and thus Ambur became the first employee at Flipkart and was paid Rs. 8000 a month. Flipkart was so small at this stage that Ambur had no joining letter for a year and had worked purely because of his faith in the company.

Though he had assured the co-founders that he would handle the delivery system and make amendments, it took him a little while to understand the way the system works. Initially, he was confused about how to go forward, but after he got acquainted with the system, it became very easy for him to bring major changes which made life easier not only for the company but also for the delivery boy.

Iyyappa who has been blessed with a prolific memory came to his advantage and helped him rise through ranks in the company. He had such a great memory that he would remember which dealer had what books and on which route a delivery boy had left to deliver the product. He held such a crucial position in the company that website had registered him number as Customer Care number. He made vital operational changes to the company which not only helped the company save money but also made life easier for the employees.

The Bansals were amazed at the level of his competence and offered him shares in the company looking for his dedication and zeal to work. This was a gold mine for him and he being a matured person used this gold mine to his advantage. The shares which were not worth much at the beginning has grown exponentially and now has the value ten times more than what it had earlier. Rather than selling all his shares of the company to lead a high lifestyle, he sold a part of them to cover his marriage expenses and sometime in 2013 for personal reasons. His shares are millions of dollars today, and the value is increasing with each passing day.

This is a story which makes us repose faith in the saying – Everything happens for a good reason. There came the point in his life where he had no job, and the future was uncertain, but it was because of that particular reason that he ended up getting a job at Flipkart and turned out to be a millionaire. Had he got a job at the Courier company he would probably have never become a millionaire. Hope you get inspired by this story and start believing that – Everything Happens for a good reason.


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