Anita Prabha Sharma – Despite a Child Marriage And Then Divorce, This 25-Year-Old is Now DSP

Struggles are a part of life. One cannot be successful if he/she tries to run away from struggles in life. Facing the struggles and overcoming them is what separates the greats and legends from the ordinary human beings. The mindset of the person makes all the difference, a person who thinks struggles come to life to break oneself and shatter one’s dreams probably has a tough time coping up with life but the one who thinks that struggles come in life to challenge one’s mental attitude and help him/her become a strong person than ever before probably wins the race of life. The difference in mindset makes results in both experience different forms of life.

Women go through a lot of struggles throughout their lives. Especially in India, the problems faced by women section of the society are too many. They experience gender bias, second treatment in the family, making them feel as if they are some kind of burden, not providing them with enough opportunities to explore their potential and then getting them married to some strange person who once again exploits them and takes disadvantage of their patience. The world is surely changing and women are being treated a little bit better than ever before but the atrocities against women have not come down drastically, there are cases where women are still being subject to violence.

One such story is of Anita Prabha Sharma, who went through a lot of struggles throughout her life. The fact that she did not give up to the adversities and faced them bravely is what makes truly an inspiring personality. When others waste time in blaming the destiny, she took the onus of leading a beautiful life and changed her destiny forever. Today, Anita is not looked at as someone who faced difficulties in life but as someone who had the guts to face the adversities and overcame them to achieve the dreams she had for herself.

Anita was married off to a man who was 10 years elder to her when she was only 17 years old. Though her parents wanted to get her married earlier she could force them to let her complete her schooling. This lady who had scored 92 percentile in matriculations did not give up and continued her education along with looking after her new responsibilities at her in-laws’ house. Tragedy struck her like a lightning when right before the final year exams she had to give up her studies for a year as her husband had met with a dangerous accident. Though she completed her graduation she was rejected for the post of Probationary Officer as she had not completed her graduation in three years’ time.

This was a major setback in her life, but the steel gutted Anita did not give up and hence put up a brave face, deciding that she would fight harder and become a civil service servant. Though she was going through a lot of personal pains during this period she still appeared for the forest guard examination for which she had to walk for 14 long kilometers to reach the examination center. She secured a good rank and got posted at Balaghat District.

Though she was successful in securing a safe job she was not yet happy, she wanted to join government job and serve the people. To serve the people she decided to give the sub-inspectors examination a try and sadly couldn’t make it to the final list as she failed in the physical test. Rather than taking it as a setback she took it as a challenge and once again appeared for the exam next year and successfully passed the test. By now, she was divorced from her husband as they had the least compatibility owing to a difference in their respective age.

Then she appeared for Madhya Pradesh State Public Service Commission exam and secured 17th rank among women and 47th rank overall which made her eligible to become the DSP of the state. She is still not satisfied with the rank of a DSP and hence has written UPSC examination and is awaiting results. We sincerely hope and pray that she does extremely well in the UPSC examination and makes all the women proud of her amazing achievement. Ms. Anita Sharma is truly an amazing human being who has been able to inspire thousands of people by her extraordinary personality and amazing achievements throughout her life. Do share this inspiring story with all your friends!

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