Anu Jain – She Battled Disabilities to Become a Celebrated Painter


The above quote aptly suits the character this post of Kalam Fan Club is focusing on. Meet Ms. Anu Jain, ever smiling 32-year-old lady, whose website portrays her dexterity in paintings, photography, art work and many more accomplishments of this girl who was born without legs and undeveloped hands. Anu Jain didn’t keep cursing her past and grabbed the present with her ‘rudimentary’ hands to nurture her future. Also, her short biography in the form of a blog speaks volumes about her passion and is worth reading.


Anu Jain’s Family 

Anu was born in Kharagpur, of West Bengal state. Her parents Mrs. Kiranprabha and Mr. Vinay Kumar Jain have laid the foundation for this girl to pursue her passion without getting disheartened by her physical disability. Her elder sister Abha and younger brother Trilok are the promoters of her art work by ensuring updating of her blogs, website, and social media contents. It was Anu’s mother who gave her a paint brush, colors and canvas in her childhood days to depict her emotions with colors. Anu got attracted to this form of self-expression and has developed as an accomplished artist. This is how Anu’s journey as a painter had a beginning. In short, she is a home-trained artist who learned by exploring new things.


The Inner Voice of her works

Anu Jain has touched upon all forms of paintings from Acrylic paintings, Fabric paintings, Glass paintings, Oil pastels, Pencil Sketching, Pottery painting and water painting. As her blog depicts, she is fond of Pink color as it signifies cheerfulness. She asserts that her paintings are reflections of her thoughts. Also, none of her paintings depict dullness, and they contain flowers, birds, sunset and sunrise as definite components. As a cheerful person, she depicts all the flowers in her paintings in bright color. Acrylic paintings of Motherhood, Lord Ganesha’s childhood, and Horse are few exemplary works available on her web site. Her experimentation with fabric paintings is evident in Madhubani art work, cushion cover and handkerchief works. She has also experimented terracotta paintings.  Her photography works depict the importance of meditation and concentration. Photos of flames from candle and lamps captured in her camera are evidence for this. Most attractive clay work of Anu is a Royal glass – an ordinary drinking glass is decorated with clay beadings to enhance its beauty with royal stature. She loves experimenting with other forms of arts too. Thus she writes poems and short compositions. Also, she tries her hands in music by playing synthesizer. Her passion for learning photography and handicrafts depict her endless enthusiasm for learning new things. She also reads many inspirational books and Mrs. Sudha Murthy of Infosys Foundation is her best author, and she never misses out to read books of Sudha Murthy.


Art Class for Children  

Anu Jain is not content with just mastering various forms of arts. She loves to transfer her knowledge to children. She conducts art classes for children of age group 5-10 every Sundays. She makes her classes a place of work & play and admires the perspective kids have about life. She never forgets to thank her Patnaik uncle for encouraging her to take up such classes in their premises.


Education & Certifications

Anu Jain could not get any formal education in her childhood because Kharagpur didn’t have special education schools. She did home schooling with training from her father in initial days and later picked up computers and other forms of knowledge on own. She is thankful to Ms. Sharmila Roy for guidance in drawing and paintings in her initial days as an artist. She has received GED certificate from American Council of Education in the year 2013. This certification is equivalent to secondary school certificate of Indian schools. Concerning Fine arts, she has completed Chitra Visharad Bhaskar-II from Pracheen Kala Kendra in Chandigarh.
Her passion for learning music despite physical limitations has fetched her noticeable results. She has been practicing keyboard with formal guidance from her music teacher Mr. Mrithunjay Mukhrjee. Various music recordings of Hindi and English songs played by Anu is available on her portal.

Exhibitions of Art Work     

Anu Jain with the support of her sister and brother started exhibiting her works in exhibitions since 2008. Her First exhibition was organized for one week from May 21st to May 27th by GalleryG. After her father’s retirement Anu’s family relocated to Bangalore and in Bangalore, her art exhibition was held at Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan with the support of Infosys Foundation.


While Able-Bodies in this globe often complain about fatigue, work pressure and stressed out life, personalities like Anu Jain are catalysts to enjoy the life around us with cribbing for what we don’t have. Kalam Fan Club wishes her a greater success in all her endeavors.

You can more artwork from her at

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