Anupama – The Young IAS Officer Who Changed The Way Kerala Eats In Just 15 Months

People writing the civil services examination in India are expected to have a high amount of integrity and honesty. In a country like ours where every other person is trying to cheat the common man just to earn some extra bucks, it is very important for the bureaucrats in the concerned department to initiate an investigation against such crooks and put the culprits behind bars. Unfortunately, many of the candidates who show a high level of integrity during the stage of being an aspirant lose interest and mend their ways to fall in line with their seniors, once they get into the services. But, there are certain candidates who uphold the same level of integrity and honesty even after becoming a civil servant. TV Anupama, IAS Officer, Kerala is one such officer who is working tirelessly to ensure that the common man of Kerala is not cheated by the corrupt and cruel traders.

TV Anupama by her extraordinary works has proved to the nation and to the world that no female servant is any less than her male counterpart. This lady who had cracked the UPSC Exam in 2010 securing the 4th rank has ensured that traders do not indulge in food adulteration by taking strict action against the ones who do and by successfully instilling a sense of fear among the traders who otherwise used to indulge in adulteration of food items.

This for young IAS Officer single-handedly destroyed the adulteration racket in Kerala and put the culprits behind the bars. She has made such a deep impact by her actions that her name alone is enough to send chills down the spine of the criminals and brings a bright hearty smile on the face of common man. The strict natured Anupama has made life hell for illegal traders by conducting surprise raids at multiple locations simultaneously.

We always blame the system for being slow but this lady has collected nearly 6000 samples of adulterated food items within a short period of 15 months. Her actions have made such an impact that traders with the fear of getting caught have completely stopped indulging in illegal activity, hence, bringing an end to this menace. In the past 15 months, she has also initiated 750 cases against the traders who were caught selling the adulterated food.

Anupama once came across a food item which was found to be contaminated with 300% pesticide and at that point, she decided that enough is enough and that she would bust the racket come whatever may. This action was not only helped the system to crack down on food adulteration but also helped the system regain the lost confidence of people. Ms. Anupama also encouraged people to grow vegetables in their backyard and started a campaign on social media for the same.

The locals of Kerala wholeheartedly welcomed the campaign by cultivating vegetables in their backyard which caught the attention of the state government who started promoting the campaign on a larger scale as the parent campaign had delivered positive results. Kerala, which used to import 70% of the required vegetables from neighboring states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is now importing only 30% of required vegetables from outside.

In a country like ours where corruption rules the system and food adulteration has become the new norm, we need more IAS Officer’s like TV Anupama to take strict actions against the culprits and ensuring that common man’s interest is not taken for granted. We salute this lady and hope that she would bring a positive change in the system in the coming years. Do share this article as a mark of respect to the daring IAS Officer who had brought a positive change in the lives of people of Kerala.


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