Armstrong Pame – IAS Officer from Zeme Tribe Who Built 100 KM Road Through Facebook Campaign

The State of Karnataka is witnessing tussle between Doctors and State Government over an issue of passing a Legislature Bill curbing the autonomy of private hospitals to ensure uniform fee structure across hospitals. It has resulted in medicos entering into indefinite strike closing down operations of all hospitals. This tussle between Govt and Private Hospitals has resulted in the death of nearly 40 patients across the state and the number is multiplying. When all professions are considered to be meant for money making Medical profession is not left out. When Govt hospitals and Govt practitioners have nothing but apathy towards patients, people are left with no other choice but to look at so-called super specialty hospitals. This prelude to current Abdul Kalam Fan Club post is given to give the glimpse of Govt officials’ negligence towards the public. But here is News of positivity of IAS officer from North Eastern India Armstrong Pame, who never kept cribbing about inefficient Govt policies that acts as roadblock in taking up development activities instead took up initiatives outside the govt official jurisdiction and launched a social networking campaign to collect funds for constructing a road in remotest part of north east India and succeeded in building a Miracle Road that connects Manipur, Nagaland and Assam trio states so that people today commute without any hassles or otherwise they had relied on age old British laid road that cannot be termed as road by any means.

Family & Early Days

Armstrong Pame is native of Impa Village in Tamenglong district of Manipur state. His village is one of those remotest places of this subcontinent that has no road for communication except for British laid bridle path that links his village with the district Headquarters. His parents Mr. Haitung Pame and Mrs. Ningwangle have four children. Their elder son Jeremiah Pame is a lecturer of English at Delhi University and their two daughters Pourei and Ramning are instrumental in shaping the career of Armstrong Pame.

Armstrong did his schooling at United Builders School at Tamenglong, Manipur and moved to St Edmund’s College, Shillong, and for his pre-university studies. For his graduation, he relocated to Delhi and studied Physics at prestigious St Stephen’s College. During his childhood he had two dreams 1) To study at Stephen’s College and second being to be part of Indian Administrative services.

Preparation for Civil Services Exams

Armstrong dedicated himself to prepare for Civil Services and took up his first Civil Services Examination in the year 2007 and succeeded to obtain Indian Revenue Service position in Custom and Central Excise department. He did not contend with this achievement and took up the second attempt and came out with flying color by obtaining a rank to be part of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in the year 2008. Armstrong is the first Zeme Tribal youth to achieve this feat and was only 24 years when he achieved it.

Motto as IAS Officer

Armstrong having grown in the remotest village of Indian sub-continent, had firsthand experience of the plight of his people.  His priority was to eliminate the marathon five hours of trudge they had to carry out in order to reach the district headquarters Tamenglong that was only 50 KM away. Immediately after completing his IAS exams he visited 31 villages of Manipur on foot and the live experience of interacting with the people reinforced the mission ‘100 KM’ road or ‘Miracle Road’ within him and he launched it too. He even recalls that even if he was not given a posting in North-Eastern India and sent to Southern India, He would have accepted the responsibility with the same zeal as “Working against Poverty and for the upliftment of Society has no boundaries.”

Initial Hurdles & Success of Building Miracle ‘100 KM’ Road

The plight of villagers carrying patients on bamboo stretchers to hospitals on roads that were unfit for motor vehicles and Villagers’ plea for a good commutable road made Armstrong take up the cause to Govt. When Govt expressed its helplessness due to unavailability of funds, He did not get deterred, instead launched a Facebook Campaign in August 2012 to raise funds for his mission. As the adage goes “Charity Begins at Home”, His Brother donated 1 Lakh Rupees and he himself donated 5 Lakh Rupees for the cause, His mother donated her one month pension of 5000 rupees. The movement was widely accepted across the globe and with media coverage, Indian Diaspora in western countries generously donated for the cause. Facebook too appreciated this initiative by inviting Armstrong to their Head Office in California. Finally, He could collect 40 Lakh Rupees from Facebook Campaign alone and initiated the road building activity. Tousem villagers gained confidence in the movement and volunteered to be part of it by working as laborers. Many contractors provided Earth Movers and necessary logistics free of cost for the mission. Thus the Miracle Road of 100 KM was built connecting three major states of North East India.

Mission Meet Young Minds  

As Deputy Commissioner of Tamenglong district, He has started a new initiative to invite 10 students from the class 6th to 10th for dinner on every Friday so that the ideas of the generation next is given a platform so that many achievers blossom and fill the garden of India with the fragrance of achievements. He has gained the reputation as ‘Miracle Man’ and is felicitated with various awards.

 Awards & Recognitions

  • In The year 2012, he got nominated for CNN-IBN Indian of the Year in Public Service category
  • In The year 2015, He was invited to the talk show Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi (AKRHZ) by the host Amitabh Bachchan. Interestingly he performed in this the show noted song Give Me Some Sunshine along with the Bollywood actor Boman Irani

Abdul Kalam Fan Club wishes Armstrong Pame greater success in his future endeavors. Also, we at Fan Club wish his story gets shared amongst millions of youth so that positive synergy is spread across the nation.

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