Ashok Gupta – Dancing Traffic Marshal Who Dances to Control Traffic

India is a country where the dignity of labor has not caught up to the extent it should have been even amongst educated class. ‘Kayakave Kailasa’- (Work is worship) is famous saying of philanthropist and Philosopher of the 12th century from Karnataka— Sri. Basavanna; He advocated equality of human race and succeeded to a large extent in building a harmonious society. Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi practiced simple life and is an icon who practiced dignity of labor throughout his life.

Also, the focal point of this post is an incredible human being by name Ashok Gupta aged 59, a private security guard who hails from Dankuni in Hooghly district, West Bengal. His place of operation is at Gate No. 4 of Rajarhat’s Eco Tourism Park managing heavy vehicles transporting material for the Garia-Airport Metro railway project. The unique working style of Ashok lies in the fact that he dances to the tunes of Bollywood (Hindi) Movie songs and controls the traffic on streets! His dance steps attract smiles and encouragement from the passersby who are the sole catalyst for him to improvise the dance steps.


Ashok Gupta dressed in the fluorescent orange jacket and orange helmet works for 12 hours a day, six days a week managing traffic to Metro rail construction area. His modus operandi is simple— He gets charged up every morning at 8 A.M with his fully charged mobile phone playing nearly 460 Hindi movie songs in a loop. The majority of the songs are of his iconic singers Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. His dexterity in managing the traffic and dancing to the tunes of songs playing in his ears invariably draws the audience, and as he admits in a day, he will pose for nearly 20 selfie sessions with strangers. He derives much satisfaction when school children accompany him on the dance floor of streets. Sometimes Mr. Gupta also takes up the additional responsibility of maintaining general traffic in his locality. Even the regular traffic cops are happy with his role, and they often encourage him to carry on with this job.

Mr. Gupta started his profession as a private security guard ten years back at Kolkata. He recalls that Seven years back one fine day he felt very low in the mood to carry out the duty. At that juncture, he heard a Song of Kishore Kumar being played in a nearby shop. The song relaxed his mood and he could also visualize dance steps of that song, on that day he decided to club his traffic management job with dance and keep him happy and entertain the people too. When he is queried about his motive for such an act— He tells “In today’s busy life, people often don’t get enough time or reason to smile. So I’m trying to make people smile through my dance steps.”

Mr. Gupta has younger assistance in this job by name Biswajit Saha, Who appreciates his senior’s enthusiasm, efforts and admits that Ashok Gupta is a source of inspiration for all of them to enjoy the work they have in their hands. Also, He had to face stiff opposition from his children when they initially came to know about Mr. Gupta’s dance spree on streets and public sharing the same on social media. Initially, His son objected him citing the reason that ‘he is spoiling the family image.’ But quickly they too realized that their father was doing a commendable job of keeping public happy with his job, which isn’t an easy task. Also, they too realized that their father’s dance steps are never insane by any standards and public appreciates him wholeheartedly.

Mr. Ashok Gupta’s advice to the younger generation is “whatever you do in life you should do it from the heart and enjoy it. There is nothing like getting pleasure and satisfaction out of your livelihood.

Kalam Fan Club is proud to bring a feature about such an incredible human being who despite working under the scorching sun for 12 hours a day not only does his duty but brings up smiles on the faces of passersby.


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