Ashraf Hussain – Lost Both His Hands at 10, Preparing to be a Doctor by Running Tire Repair Shop

Accidents can tear off our confidence into pieces. But meet Ashraf Hussein, a boy from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh state, who lost his both hands in an accident that occurred while he was repairing tires of a water tanker truck but is undeterred by this tragedy. Ashraf was only 10 years old when he met with this accident. The incident happened when Ashraf was filling the air to tires of a municipal water tanker vehicle and all of a sudden burst of tire had detached his hands from the body. Immediately he was rushed to the hospital and his life was saved but lost his hands. Losing hands has not dented the confidence of this boy, today as a teenager He owns a tire and puncture shop in the town along with this, he pursuing Bachelor of Science graduation.

He has the dexterity to repair vehicles that come to his shop with such ease that even physically able people can’t achieve. He has mastered driving of two wheelers, cars and even tractor on busy city streets. Ashraf ‘s ambition is to pursue medicine and become a doctor. And recalls the accident he met with and wishes no one in this world should face such disasters. Even his relatives are trying their level best to support Ashraf to realize his dream of becoming a doctor. He not only plays with automobiles at his shop but is also curious to learn intricacies of Information Technology, by spending spare time with his laptop.

Die Hard Fan of P.M’s Mann Ki Baat

Ashraf loves to listen to P.M Narendra Modi’s renowned address to nation—Mann Ki Baat. He loves the way P.M addresses the problem of downtrodden society and manner he soothes the souls that have undergone immense suffering. He is hopeful that Prime Minister Modi, will be able to solve problems faced by people with disabilities and bring a fresh ray of hope.

The team at Kalam Fan Club wishes better fortune for this boy and hopes that he will realize his dream of becoming a Doctor.

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