Asola-Fatehpur Beri – India’s Village of Bodybuilders

Asola-Fatehpur Beri are the twin villages in the southern outskirts of Delhi which have risen to fame in the past few years. The youngsters of this village are opting for a strange career which reveals the changing social fabric of the country. In the era where youngsters want to become a doctor, an engineer or a chartered accountant this small sleepy village has youngsters whose only aim is to build muscles and secure the job of a bouncer at the nightclub in the capital city of India.


As the social and economic dynamics of the country are changing, the cultural transition is also taking place at a rapid pace in the country. Where there are villages and towns where youngsters still believe in offering prayers to God every day and leading a life by following the customs and tradition there is also a birth of new India where youngsters want to be independent and enjoy life to the maximum extent possible. To fulfill the desires of this generation which consist of highly paid engineers, doctors, and accountants, restaurants, nightclub and hang out centers are cropping up every week.


As the numbers of night clubs are increasing, there is also a massive demand for well-built people to control the crowd which is visiting these night clubs to ‘enjoy’ life. There is a dearth need of individuals who can intimidate the crowd with their presence and confront them if and when the situation arises. Mr. Vijay Tanwar a former Olympic hopeful has taken the onus upon himself to train the youngsters and make them mentally and physically ready to take on the job of a bouncer.  He is the man who has brought a positive change in the lives of hundreds of people in the village by providing employment to youngsters who otherwise would be working in fields to make ends meet.

“The boys of this village do not drink, smoke or watch porn,” says Tanwar with pride. He says people owning the night clubs are always in search of well-built men with no criminal records and he feels his village offers them the best of the bouncers in the whole country. He says boys of his village are the best because they go through rigorous training for at least 2-3 hours a day, they do not consume non-vegetarian food, and most importantly they do not consume alcohol or tobacco products.  These rare qualities make them a perfect match for being a bouncer says, Vijay.

We have a tradition of protecting women, and we do the same at the clubs says Omprakash, one among the many people who share the surname – Tanwar. He says the legend has it that in the mid-19th century when two British officers were passing through the village, they made nasty comments on the women who were working in the fields. Villagers who heard these comments got enraged and caught these officers, pulled them down from their horses and forcefully made them work in the fields. Hence he says, to fight for their homes and the honor of their women is instilled in the DNA of every man of this small village.

“As the money with people increases, crime increases and as the crime increases our business increases,” says Vijay Tanwar, who manages a company called Storm Group, which provides security for night clubs, wedding functions, restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges and politicians running for office. He has an army of 50 strongmen from his village who work as bouncers and security guards according to the need of the client.

To qualify oneself as the bouncer the men of this village have to go through grueling workouts which can easily break bones of an untrained human. The men of this village participate in demanding workouts for more than two hours a day which includes a perfect blend of traditional exercises and modern workouts. The men and the male children of the village participate in wrestling matches, do bodyweight drills and also do weightlifting exercises. The weightlifting exercise also includes lifting tractors and motorcycles.

The best part about this village is that even though the men work as bouncers at modern clubs, the villagers still follow the customs and tradition that has been passed on to them and the women of this village are extremely happy for the fact that even though the men earn anywhere between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 45,000 a month, they are not addicted to any bad habits, in fact, the men of this village have no bad habits at all.


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