Balvant Parekh – An Ordinary Peon Who Chased His Dreams and Built a Firm Worth 5,000 Crore From Scratch

There’s a famous quote which goes like – Dream Big and your dream will come true! But it is only half-truth. Just by dreaming big one cannot be successful. If you really want to be extremely successful and turn your dreams into a reality then you will have to work hard. If you work really hard, put everything at stake and believe in your dreams there’s nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving success. This is a story of Balvant Parekh, who worked as a peon and later went on to establish a brand which is worth thousands of crores. Mr. Balvant Parekh achieved all the success by sheer dedication and belief in his work.


Mr. Parekh’s journey is the one that has the power to inspire anyone to achieve anything in life. His life story can make a blind start dreaming of seeing the world, a deaf to dream about a day when he could listen to everything and any specially-abled person to overcome any challenge in life. Though he used to be recognized as a big businessman and literally has his product in every household, it was not always like that. It would be interesting to note that Mr. Parekh who featured as 45th richest Indian in Forbes list of 2012, had come to Mumbai from Gujarat to study in a Law College but destiny had something different in store for him.

Mr. Balvant Parekh who was born and brought up in a small town of Gujarat had to concede to his father’s pressure of joining a law college so that he can become a legal expert just like his grandfather. So this guy who was born in Mahuva of Bhavnagar District of Gujarat, came to Mumbai to fulfill his father’s desire of seeing him as a legal expert. He joined the Government Law College in Mumbai to take his journey forward but was too much influenced by Gandhiji’s Quit India Movement that he quit his college and went back to Gujarat to take part in the movement. He continued in social service for about a year and then decided to move back to Mumbai to complete the degree which he had left midway.

Mr. Parekh somehow completed graduation but the lies attached to the profession made him think twice and he finally decided not to take up the profession. This brought initial resistance by the family members especially his father, but he managed to convince them. With no interest in farming and decision to stay away from the legal profession, the only option left with Mr. Parekh was to join a company that would help him sustain. He was married by this time and hence much greater was the need to find a job as soon as possible.

After a lot of struggle and knocking on many doors he finally got a job in a dyeing and printing press. Though work was good Mr. Parekh hated the fact that he had to tend to personal needs of his boss and this made him quit the job. Then he joined as a peon at a wood trader’s office. Mr. Parekh had loads of self-esteem and hence could not continue working in this company too. Hence he quit the job and started living with his wife at a friend’s godown by paying Rs. 14 as monthly rent. This godown became the game changer and from here he started developing contacts with big industrialists and started supplying import-export goods to businessmen. Later he started selling ghee from Mahuva in Mumbai.

The Big Leap

Though he was trying out businesses one after the other, none of them lasted long. He was a father by now and hence required more money to look after his family. His younger brother too had come to Mumbai to join him. Finally, in 1954 Mr. Parekh along with his younger brother Sushil Parekh founded Pidilite as a small trader of specialty chemicals and also started manufacturing pigment emulsions for textile printing. In 1959, they caught the pulse of the carpenter’s and entered into the field of manufacturing synthetic glue. Since then they have come a long way and Pidilite Industries today is synonymous with glue. Its popularity is such that it enjoys a 70% market share in India beating its nearest rivals hands down. The company also exports its products to US, Brazil, Thailand, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Dubai.

Owing to its exceptionally funny ads and amazingly great quality glue, Pidilite Industries has not only captured the market but also made a unique name for itself in the country. People often ask for Fevicol rather than asking for glue. The company has been successful in creating such an impression that their main target customers – the carpenters swear by it. Products like Fevicol, Fevikwik, M-Seal, Dr. Fixit, and others have been successful in taking the company to newer heights. Owing to the amazing success of its products, the company achieved a turnover of Rs. 4778 crores and a profit of Rs. 732 crores enhancing the shareholders’ wealth.

Mr. Balvant Parekh’s sheer determination and zeal to win the race of life resulted in the birth of Pidilite which has not only made him ultra rich but also has helped him touch the hearts of lakhs of people all over the world. A voracious reader, Mr. Parekh, always used to encourage people to keep learning and updating themselves so that they do not become redundant. Though he died in 2013, his thoughts are still alive and he still continues to inspire thousands of youngsters to take up entrepreneurship as their career.

Many of might dismiss the whole story and say it was sheer luck that made him so successful. But we do feel that it was his hard work and unwavering focus that made him attract luck towards him. It is a universal truth that luck favors only the brave. Mr. Parekh’s journey from a peon struggling to make ends meet to founding one of the most popular brands of all time inspires us to strive hard to bring out the best in us. Please do share this story to inspire others and help them become a better version of themselves.


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