Bhavin & Divyank Turakhia – Two College Dropouts are Now Owners of Rs 20,000 Crore Worth Companies

In Cricket, ‘run-machines’ like Sachin Tendulkar never get exhausted in the process of making runs and have broken all past records. Similarly, in the arena of entrepreneurship, there exist tireless personalities who venture into a new business, nurture it completely and further focus on making next novel ideas a reality. Also in this process, they get recognition as serial entrepreneurs and move on to carve a name as ‘top notch billionaires’ in reputed magazines like Forbes.


Two such personalities are the focal point of this post. Mr. Bhavin & Mr. Divyank Turakhia— two brothers who followed their passion for owning a dream company, quit college in the year 1998 and incepted a startup with 25000 INR borrowed as a loan from their father. Today, these two Brothers own Directi— a tech venture company along with companies called Flock, Ringo, Radix, and Zeta. Also in their spree of nurturing new entrepreneurial setups, they have sold companies like BigRock, LogicBoxes, ResellerClub, and to U.S. based web-hosting organization Endurance International Group. Most important amongst their entrepreneurship venture is starting of Media.Net a Dubai and New York based venture in 2010, which was a tough competitor for Google Adsense. Once Media.Net achieved the exorbitant growth they sold it off to Chinese investors for a whooping price of $900 million.

The Inside Story of Entrepreneurship Journey

Bhavin and Divyank brothers born and brought up in Mumbai did their schooling from Arya Vidya Mandir in Bandra locality. Bhavin completed his graduation in commerce from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics. Whereas Divyank dropped out of his graduation as he was keen to join his brother’s venture to float a new company. Though both didn’t possess any technical degrees, they were passionate about computer programming. In their college days, they had written simulation software to monitor stock exchange transactions. The eagerness to learn cutting edge happenings in technology front prompted them to venture into a Technology company.

But born in a middle-class family, obtaining initial investment was a significant bottleneck. They convinced their father to lend 25000 INR as a loan; with this seed money, they floated their first company Directi in the year 1998. In past 18 years, Directi has been used as launching pad to incept 11 startup firms.

As mentioned earlier majority of them are sold for best margins in the tech market, While Flock, Ringo, Radix, and Zeta are still operating under the banner of Directi. Most interesting aspect in the surge of these two brothers is the way they took Google Adsense head on with Media.Net, an online advertisement monetization venture.  Later the Media.Net was sold to a Chinese consortium led by Beijing-based Miteno for a world’s third biggest deal in Ads-tech service history with a whopping price of $900 Million, while competitors like Google bought Ad Mob for $750 million and Twitter bought Mopup for a mere $350 million. One more distinction of these two brothers is—they are considered to be as India’s first Internet Entrepreneurs. They were recognized as India’s 95th Richest persons by Forbes in the year 2016. They have astonished the business world with their knack of incepting startup firms and selling them in tech Business arena for record prices.

Achievements, Awards, and Recognitions 

  • The trading of Net- advertisement-monetization firm for $900 million is a record by itself, while counterparts like Google and Twitter had settled for lesser price acquisition
  • Starting BigRock, LogicBoxes, ResellerClub, and as startup in the banner of Directi and selling them to U.S based Endurance International Group for $160 million is a tremendous achievement in their career
  • In the year 2016, they have been awarded as ‘Serial Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ in Innovation and Technology by a magazine called ‘’
  • Economic Times of India has awarded them with ETPanache Trendsetter Award for the year 2016

Kalam Fan Club is happy to bring out a post on these two young achievers who have proved that zeal, perseverance, and passion for pursuing our dreams can help us to reach the pinnacle of careers.



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