Boy Regularly Visits His Twin Brother’s Grave After He Died In Utero

Twins getting separated at birth due to various circumstances and getting united at the climax is a time-proven story played by movies in India. But here is a heart-melting story of twins getting separated in mother’s womb as one of them died due to a syndrome called to twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and the surviving one is leading a meaningful life by sharing and caring his virtues with the deceased brother eternally though not physically.

  • In the year 2006, a couple Brooke Myrick and her partner Michael residents of Alabama in Florence were excited to find out they were expecting twins. But fate had a different script written for them. Doctors told after an ultrasound that one of the babies had died in the womb. Brooke couldn’t bear this tragedy as she had to carry a deceased baby for two more months before she could give birth to surviving baby.


  • In the year 2007, the survived baby was born and was named as Walker and his deceased brother was called Willis, It was a bittersweet moment for Brooke and Michael.
  • As Walker grew up and learned from his parents his twin brother Willis died before birth; He started visiting Willis grave and used to spend a lot of time sharing his first-day experience at school and it became a routine for him to share all good things he experienced with his deceased brother. He even started writing letters to his departed brother.


  • Brooke understands the bonding Walker has with Willis and accepts his feelings wholeheartedly whenever he creates new things to his brother and affirmatively tells that his brother talks to him in dreams. She even accepts his belief that his brother watches all his activities.


  • Walker’s enthusiasm to visit the grave has prompted rest of the members of the family to follow the suit. Along with Walker his three siblings Jolie, Cooper, and Bryant visit Willis with their parents and spend quality time. They have made it a point to bring balloon on Walker and Willis’ birthdays.
  • The kind of love Walker is carrying forward to his brother has prompted his parents Brooke and Michael to initiate TTTS awareness campaigns and are helping couples to save lives of babies. They are arranging walkathons to raise funds for TTTS awareness campaigns.

Readers who are interested to contribute donations for such a noble cause can visit the following the link and be part of it Also, Kalam Fan Club wishes you share this heart touching story of family values and also create awareness of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) which is taking the toll on yet to be born infants.

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