Daripalli Ramaiah – The Man Who Planted More Than 10 Million Trees

Recently Kalam Fan Club brought out a post on Salumarada Thimakka from the state of Karnataka who has the distinction of planting thousands of trees with selfless intention to preserve the environment and provide shade to travelers. Here is a similar story from the state of Telangana, Mr. Daripalli Ramaiah a 70-year-old crusader hailing from Reddypalli village in Khammam district despite being dubbed as a mentally unstable person by villagers has not given up the mission of carrying seeds in his pockets and saplings to barren lands of Khammam district. Localities call him as ‘Chetla’ (Trees) Ramaiah. Some even call him as ‘Vanajeevi’ (Forester) Ramaiah. Ramaiah is awarded countries’ fourth highest civilian award ‘Padma Shree’ (The year 2017) for his relentless service to conserve forest and enhance tree spread across Khammam district. By an estimate, till date, he has planted 10 Million saplings in Telangana state. His mission is to mobilize at least one crore people to take up this cause of conserving greenery and plant a minimum of one plant each.

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Personal Life 

Mr. Daripalli Ramaiah was born in the year 1937 in Khammam district then in unified Andhra Pradesh state and currently in the state of Telangana. He did his education up to 10th Standard. He is married to Mrs. Janamma Daripalli a better half who has stood with him in his social cause like a pillar. Though he dropped out of education after 10th class, his urge to learn about global warming and environment hazards has no dearth, and his two room house at Reddypalli village has placards and paper cuttings about Nature. Most inspiring part of his biography is he and his wife have given away three-acre agricultural plot they had with the intention of funding their mission of purchasing more seeds and saplings. The couple has made it a habit of gifting Saplings as gifts on occasions of Weddings, Birthdays or any sort of celebrations.

Modus Operandi

As mentioned earlier Ramaiah was looked upon by his villagers as an insane person, whenever he used to move out on his cycle with a pocket full of seeds and overloaded saplings on his bicycle. But Ramaiah was stubborn and stuck to his mission of increasing tree shade in all the barren land he would come across. The majority of seeds and plants he sows are either Medicinal plants, Biodiesel plants or plants which give a lot of shade to passersby. Whenever he sets up on the mission, he compulsorily wears a scarf with saying “Vriksho Rakshati Rakshitaha”— “Save Trees and trees will save you.” He is careful in ensuring all the saplings planted do not wilt away. Thus every one of should be happy about his after delivery service too.

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In Ramaiah’s words “Human being is the most glorified creature amongst all the creations of nature. He has the intellect and thus also comes the responsibility to protect all the creations of nature.”  The amount of knowledge he has assimilated about nature and plants has made people address him as ‘Walking Encyclopaedia of Plants.’

Awards & Recognitions

Ramaiah is the humblest person with social service as his mission and not name and fame. His selfless service has won him various awards most prominent among them was given this year (2017) i.e. ‘Padma Shree’— nation’s fourth biggest award. After receiving Padma Shree, Ramaiah has humbly admitted that his responsibility has exponentially grown with the award and he will deliver his service till his last breath of making the planet earth a better place to live. With formation of state of Telangana, Ramaiah is made a part of C.M K Chandra Shekar Rao’s  flagship programme called ‘Telangana Ku Haritha Hāram’ meaning  ‘Green-Garland’ of Telangana. He was also awarded 1 lakh INR cash prize for his contribution to the environment on Telangana formation day. Apart from this, he has received various awards like National Innovations and Outstanding Traditional Knowledge Award in the year 2015, Vanamitra Award in the year 2005, Seva Award in the year 1995.

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Kalam Fan Club Wishes this crusader of Environment good health and happy life so that the couple can sow the message of protecting nature amongst the next generation who can carry forward the invaluable mission of these two in future too.



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