Desh Bandhu Gupta – Turned A Rs. 5000 Loan Into The Rs. 65,000 Crore Pharmaceutical Giant, Lupin

Each one of us is aware of the problems people are facing every day. Many of us neglect them and move on. Some try to bring about change but give up when faced with difficulties. But only the crazy ones who believe that all the pains are temporary, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel are the ones who bring about a positive change in the lives of people. It’s amazing to note that though people in the last category are only a handful, but their contribution to making this world a better place to live has been phenomenal.

Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta is one among those handful people who have brought about a positive change in the lives of people. Dr. Gupta, the founder of India’s well-known pharmaceutical company Lupin Limited, has not only made the lives of the people easier but has brought pride and glory to the nation. It is due to the relentless efforts of Dr. Gupta that today India has emerged as a hub of generic medicine and is leading the world in the field. Dr. Gupta who started with a mere capital of Rs. 5000 has given his sweat and blood to take the company’s valuation to Rs. 65,000 crores. Dr. Gupta candidly accepts the fact that he had never imagined the company would rise to such heights and be a market leader in the field.

Let alone taking the company to such great heights, Dr. Gupta had not even imagined of establishing a company on his own. Dr. Gupta who was born in Rajgarh, Rajasthan belonged to a middle-class family. Though he did not face difficulties with regards to basic necessities, he did not even enjoy the luxuries too. His father was a hard taskmaster and always wanted him to be number one in class, number two was never an option for Dr. Gupta. Though others would have succumbed to the pressure, he relished the pressure and probably that brought out the best in him. At a time when graduation was a big thing to achieve, Dr. Gupta applied for Masters Degree after receiving a special permission for the same.

The first sign of dissent came when Dr. Gupta chose for a doctorate in chemistry though his father was keen to make Dr. Gupta continue studies in the field of Agriculture. After completing his studies, he started new innings as an associate professor at BITS, Pilani. During early independence years, when the country was looking for talented youngsters to come forward and take the onus of building the nation, Dr. Gupta with an intention to serve the nation applied for a resident teachers post in the department of Indian Army. But sadly he was rejected.

Though he was rejected from a job which he wanted very badly he did not take this as a defeat, rather he took it as a challenge and to take the journey forward he started working in a British Pharmaceutical company – May and Baker. This job in many sense made him realize several things, and he understood the dirty game of owners of pharmaceutical company’s who used to charge very high rates even for essential medicines which hardly cost anything to produce. It was at this point that he decided to start his own company with a sole objective of manufacturing essential drugs at such prices which are affordable even to poor citizens of the country.

In 1968, when Dr. Gupta started his new venture – Lupin Pharmaceuticals with a mere capital of Rs. 5,000 he knew that the journey would be both exciting as well as challenging. Dr. Gupta explains, “When I started, there was one employee cum peon and a part-time typist with us, but today it has taken the form of a leading pharmaceutical company with the valuation of Rs. 65,000 crores are having an establishment in more than 100 countries”.

Though Dr. Gupta had no long-term vision of making the company most profitable or the leader in the industries, he had a sole vision of making generic medicine available to poor people at affordable cost. That was the sole objective which made him strive hard and give everything he had to achieve his goals. Initially, Dr. Gupta faced a lot of problems with regards to finances, marketing and distribution of drugs as he had no experts to advice him but he did not budge and kept striving hard. This determination made him achieve success, and as a result, he inspired many other entrepreneurs to start ventures in the field of generic medicine.

Owing to high-quality essential drugs and affordable pricing the company rose ranks within a short period. At a time when MNC’s were ruling the pharmaceutical market, no one expected Dr. Gupta’s company to do well but Dr. Gupta had plans in mind, and due to determination and grit he could achieve whatever he has in the following years after establishing the company. Today, Dr. Gupta is a much sought after figure and entrepreneurs derive inspiration from the life of Dr. Gupta, and many try to emulate him in their personal life. Dr. Gupta has given a new definition to entrepreneurship but brought great name and fame to the country with his amazing achievements.

We at Abdul Kalam Fan Club salute Dr. Gupta for leading such an amazing life which will inspire generations to come. We request you to share this amazing story with your friends and family so that they could derive inspiration from the story and start believing in the fact – Nothing is impossible.

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