Deyaan Udani – The 7-Year-Old Boy Saved Four Lives Even After His Death

“Recycle Organs, Not Just Coke Cans.”— Is one of the brainy quotes available online.  Also, Month of August is observed as “Organ Donor Month” across the globe. Awareness about organ donation is gaining momentum across the globe and India is no exception.

Way back in 2014, a 2-year-old boy was declared dead in Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru and his heart was immediately harvested and flown to Chennai Fortis hospital and transplanted to another young child. This inter-city exchange of hearts won a lot of appreciation from the public.

A similar incidence of multiple organ donations by a seven-year-old boy, who volunteered to register in donors list by drawing inspiration from a teacher’s advice in the classroom to become a donor, is heart touching one.

Udani family had come to India from Australia for vacations in January 2016. On January 22nd, the seven-year-old Deyaan Udani complained about a severe headache. Immediately he was taken to Nanavati Hospitals in Mumbai and was found to be suffering from multiple brain clots. Doctors advised for surgery, and he was operated on January 26th at Hinduja Hospitals. Unfortunately, the boy didn’t respond to surgery and was declared brain-dead on January 30th.

Deyaan, a student of Quakers Hill Public school at Sydney, who had learned about organ donation and registered his name along with his elder sister in organ donation list, made four other lives to lit up by donating his heart to a Goregaon girl suffering from end-stage organ failure and became the youngest donor of Mumbai. Also, his Liver was harvested and transplanted to a 31-year-old person treated at Jupiter hospitals. His two kidneys were donated to two children of 11 and 15 years of age who were hospitalized at Jaslok Hospitals. The kidney transplant to an 11-year child is considered as youngest kidney transplant recorded in Nation.

The most appealing fact is— Deyaan’s sister Naisha a nine-year-old girl’s narration of the entire story and declaring that she will follow the path laid by her brother. Kalam Fan Club is proud of the Udani parents who could withstand the grief of losing their kid and taking a swift decision of donating his organs for the sake of others.


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