Dhaval Khatri – Lost His Arms Due to Electric Shock, But Finished 300 Paintings

At the age of 14, while flying a kite, Dhaval Khatri lost both his hands when he accidentally held an electric wire instead of kite flying thread. His heart had stopped beating for a few seconds only to be revived again by a doctor who was passing by. Even though he was rushed to the nearest hospital, his hands had to be amputated as they were badly burnt. The school where he was studying did not allow him to continue his education. So he got enrolled in another school and continued his education. Later he even graduated from college. When he was in the hospital, his mother made me practice holding a pen or a pencil. Gradually, he started to sketch and paint. For six full months, he dedicated himself towards it and got a grip on it. Now, he can draw sketches and make paintings fluently. So far he has done around 300 paintings. He has also been part of many Television shows and has also performed many live painting shows. Dhaval calls himself “an artist, not by choice but by chance.” Here are few photographs of him sketching and painting.

Dhaval Khatri has created a website where people can order his paintings. So if anybody wishes to buy his paintings, then they can visit  – www.dhavalkhatri.com

You can also read his interview here: http://www.youthconnect.in/2013/11/24/talent-knows-no-bounds-interview-of-dhaval-khatri-an-artist-without-hands/

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