Dipa Karmakar – First Indian Woman Gymnast To Qualify For Olympics

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Dipa Karmakar won the hearts of 123 crore Indians and millions of sporting fans all over the world for her exceptional performance at the Rio Olympics 2016. Though Dipa failed to win any medal at the Olympics, she won the hearts of every sporting fan who witnessed history in the making. In the final round, Dipa Karmakar attempted the most feared vault – Produnova Vault becoming only the 5th gymnast all over the world to attempt what is termed as ‘Vault of Death.’ This lady from India has proved it once again that it is not the success that matters but the courage to take up the less used path that matters in the world.

Dipa Karmakar missed the bronze medal by a whisker as while attempting the Produnova she completed it successfully but at the end, her buttocks touched the ground making Dipa lose important points. Hence, she finished fourth in her first ever Olympic venture. While successful attempt of Produnova has no doubt made her famous all over the world, she was also hailed all over India for the fact that she was the first Indian Gymnast to represent the country in the Olympics after 52 long years.

Early Life

Dipa Karmakar was born on 9th of August 1993 in Agartala, Tripura. Karmakar started studying at Abhoynagar Smriti Vidyalaya in Agartala. She fell in love with gymnastics at a very young age and started practicing gymnastics when she was just six years old. She has been trained by Soma Nandi and Bisweshwar Nandi ever since and it is their able guidance that has made her achieve so much in such a little time. Interestingly, Karmakar had born with a flat foot which was treated as an undesirable physical trait in gymnast because it affects the performance. Karmakar, not the one to give up, trained hard and through extensive training was able to develop an arch in her foot.

Amazing Achievement

In 2008 when Dipa had just turned 15, she won the junior nationals in Jalpaiguri. Since then she has won 77 medals including 67 gold medals in state, national and international championships. Dipa Karmakar was a part of the Indian gymnastics contingent at the 2010 Common Wealth Games which was held in the national capital New Delhi.

Dipa Karmakar received the much-needed recognition in 2011 when she won Gold Medals in all the four events that she had participated in: floor, vault, balance beam and uneven bars. In 2014, Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian woman ever to win a medal in Common Wealth Games when she successfully bagged a bronze medal at the event. She also became the second ever Indian gymnast to win a medal at the Common Wealth Games after Ashish Kumar.

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Dipa Karmakar made a mark at the Asian Games which was held in 2014 by finishing fourth in the event. Though she did not win the medal at the event, she was immensely happy that she had given tough competition to Gold and Silver medalists in the Olympics and bronze medal holder in the World Championships.

Dipa was back on winning ways when she successfully won a bronze medal at the Asian Championships held in Hiroshima in 2015. In October 2015, Dipa became the first Indian gymnast to qualify for Finals of the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships. Though she finished at the 5th spot in the event, she stunned the crowd with her amazing grace and artistic skills, once again proving that Indian sportspersons were making a mark in sports other than cricket, and it would be not longer when Indians are sharing the podium with the best in the world to collect medals which will make their countrymen proud.

2016 Rio Olympics

Olympics held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 2016 will always have a special place in the hearts of every Indian as the event hosted by Brazil has given loads of sweet memories which has made the countrymen proud of their sporting stars. One such mesmerizing moment which will be written in gold in the history books was that of what Dipa Karmakar was able to achieve at the final stage in the Olympics.

To start with, Dipa Karmakar stunned the world by becoming the first ever Indian Woman Gymnast to get qualified for the Olympics and also the first Indian gymnast to represent the country after a long gap of 52 years. She also became the first Indian to reach the finals of Gymnastic event at the Olympics. If that’s not enough for an achievement, this courageous lady from India went on to perform the Produnova Vault which has been attempted very rarely at the Olympics and that too in the finals where one mistake could cost the medal. Dipa had nothing to lose and hence went ahead and completed the vault but not before touching her buttocks to the ground.

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Through this amazing vault, she became one among the five gymnasts all over the world who have completed the vault at the Olympics. Though this amazing performance did not fetch her any medal at the event, it surely did fetch her lots of applauds, and this performance helped her become an overnight star back in her country.

Kalam Fan Club congratulates Dipa Karmakar on her amazing achievements and does hope that she will continue to perform her best at the international level and is also sure that the day is not far when Dipa Karmakar will give every Indian watching the Olympics an opportunity to stand straight and sing the national anthem with pride in their hearts and tears of joy in their eyes.

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