Dipesh Tank – The Man Who Fights Crime Against Women In Mumbai Local By ‘Shooting’ Hooligans

The news of women being harassed in trains, buses, taxis, public places and also at various other venues keep on falling in our ears and make a deep impact on our hearts. India, unfortunately, has become one of the worst countries for women to survive. Women are being looked at as sex objects instead of being looked at as another human being. A few miscreants and criminals have brought shame to the men community all over the world. The situation is growing and people are committing crimes at a greater rate than ever before. The police force though is doing a commendable job to catch these criminals and teach them a lesson by treating them the way they should be treated; it is not enough to stop the crime rate which is ever increasing.

The common man who is a witness to the incidents of harassments of women and sometimes even rape does not stand against the perpetrators at the right moment of time. Though he complains about the law and order getting worsened year by year, he doesn’t understand that police force can provide foolproof security and safety to the citizens only if they are aware of their rights and duties and perform them accordingly. The common man of the country hasn’t yet understood the fact that if he decides to take matters in his hands and performs duties expected from him, he/she can bring down the crime rate drastically in return making life easier and a lot happier for the fellow citizens of the country.

We know many of you would have already started thinking when the whole police force cannot do much about rising crimes in the society what can an individual common man do? There’s no way he alone can bring a change in the society the standard of which is degrading with passing year. But here’s a common man; yes, an individual who has brought down the cases of harassments drastically by doing his duties and helping the police catch these inhuman criminals.

Dipesh Tank, who was born and brought up in a slum in Mumbai has been pro-actively working to make sure that he makes this city a better place for women than ever before. By his actions, he has been able to help the police catch 140 sexual harassers in Mumbai locals by recording their shameful acts on his camera. Dipesh’s mother used to work late nights as a caterer to make ends meet at her home and for the same reason would always be subject to unimaginable comments from her neighbors. Though this never affected his mother, Dipesh took them seriously and understood that the society doesn’t look at women the same way as men and that is when he decided to help every woman in the society facing harassment thinking that he would have done the same had the woman been his mother.

Dipesh dropped out of education at an age of 16 and joined a company as an office boy to help his mother out to make ends meet. Within a few years of struggle, Dipesh got an employment opportunity at a reputed ad agency. Like other co-passengers in the Mumbai locals, he was a witness to women being harassed at every juncture and had a deep desire to help them out by whichever way possible. Hence, decided to buy a pair of sunglasses which had a camera inbuilt in it to capture the shameful acts of the criminal offenders.

He was so successful in his attempts that the cops decided to collaborate with him to catch the criminals red-handed and would be waiting for the instructions of Dipesh to take the next step. The police force would be waiting in between two stations and with the help of live feed of criminal actions would catch the offenders red-handed. Thus this collaboration has been able to book over 150 harassers in the past six months and Dipesh says that the fight would continue until the harassments stop completely.

Dipesh Tank, by his act of courage and bravery, has proved to the world that not all men are bad and actions of a few of them cannot be used as a tool to target the whole community of men. He has also given a message to the society that if the common man decides to stand up to crime and perform his duties in the right way, the common man can change the image of the country and help the authorities make this country a beautiful place for the present and future generations to live. We are inspired by the brave acts of Dipesh and feel that it is imperative for all of us to take whatever little actions we could take to stop the criminals from committing crimes.


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