Dr. Mahadev Lohana – This Doctor Does Not Charge Parents If a Girl Child Is Born

The Sex ratio is skewed year by year in India. According to report of Ministry of Statistics and Programme implementation— in year 1971 the ratio of women to men was 961:1000, year 2011 the ratio was 939:1000, in 2021 it is projected as 904:1000 and by 2031 it is projected to be 898:1000. This dwindling of girl population at an alarming pace is a concern of entire society.

Important news in June-6th newspapers is about Chief of Indian Army—General Bipin Rawat declaring that ”Women services will be utilized in warfare also” is a move emphasizing the role of women in India in all fields. As a part of this initiative, Indian Army is inducting women for police wing of the army. Though girls are playing all-rounder roles in current society, the social stigma attached with the birth of a baby girl and rampant foeticide of female babies shamefully portrays our society.

Despite such evil practices rapidly shadowing our society, ‘Ray of hope’ prevails amidst us in the form of personalities like Dr. Mahadev Lohana, a practicing doctor and managing committee member for various hospitals in Ahmedabad.

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Dr. Mahadev Lohana graduated in medicine from Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro, India and acquired his post graduation from NEM & AMA Ahmedabad, India. He is currently playing the role of Managing Director at Sindhu Hospital, Ahmedabad. Before this, he served as M.D at Krishna Heart and Super Specialty Hospitals. He has also served as Chief Medical Officer at SAL Hospitals. So what makes this Doctor unique persona? Yes, his social binding puts him beyond other professional doctors. First of all, Medicine is considered as the noblest profession in our Nation. Dr. Mahadev Lohana goes one step ahead of medical ethics while discharging his duty.

Dr. Mahadev, who is occupying highest position of M.D at Sindhu Hospital group at Ahmedabad, has witnessed Female Foeticide and unwelcoming gesture for newborn girl babies rampant in our society throughout his career. This social evil has/had a profound impact on this Doctor. As a consequence of which he has come up with a novel idea to celebrate the birth of any newborn girl baby in his hospital by throwing a big party to all residents of the hospital. They arrange for a Five Kilogram Cake and personally invite the parents and relatives of newborn girl baby to celebrate the birthday.This gesture of Dr. Mahadev has two folded impact—one, parent of the newborn will feel happy about this gesture from the M.D of the hospital. Second is awareness about the importance of girl baby is created amongst the society.

From the administration point of view, Dr. Mahadev’s hospital waives off the delivery charges for a girl baby. According to sources, his hospital charges approximately 7000 INR for normal delivery and 20000 INR for C-Section. These fees are waived off as an initiative to save girl babies and bring down the skewing ratio of a female child in Ahmedabad which is alarmingly high with 890 girls to 1000 boys.

Vaidya Narayana Hari’ is a saying in Sanskrit which equates Doctor to God.  The social concern of Dr. Mahadev Lohana makes him an apt persona to be addressed with the above-mentioned saying of Sanskrit.  While all career paths are considered as the road to ‘Monetary Gains’ and medicine is no exception, there are exceptions like Dr. Mahadev Lohana who upholds social values with high respect. Kalam Fan Club wishes that Dr. Mahdev Lohana’s tribe multiply in our society.

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