Engagement Photo Circulates On Facebook And Thousands Unleash Ugly Remarks About Lady In Pink

The social media which was founded with the primary objective of networking with the people and making this world a smaller place has been used by cyber bullies to make fun of people with regards to their appearance or their disabilities. Many a time these derogatory remarks made by the Cyberbullies have had a deep impact on the targeted person which has also led to that person taking the extreme step of committing suicide. Though there have been thousands of instances where the choice of words by cyber bullies have had a negative impact on the people, they just refuse to stop making comments on people.

This story is one another example of how cyber bullies targeted a particular lady to insult her due to the long teeth that she has. But the cyber bullies did not understand that if there are people who want to spread negativity wherever they go, there are also people who want to change this world for better. This amazing story explains how the targeted person had the last laugh as she got operated without having to spend even a penny from her pocket.

This incident happened in May 2017 when a man got down on knees in an open area of St. Louis to express his feelings for his lady love. The adorable moment was captured by people around and also his friends to make it more special for them. The picture was later uploaded on Facebook to share the happy moment with the world. Jessica, who was standing behind the couple, clicking photographs to make it memorable for them was made the target by the cyber bullies. They went on to crop Jessica from the picture and wrote a caption insulting her.

Jessica who works as a hair stylist though had been mocked by others for her appearance did not know people would go this far in a picture which actually was all about spreading love and happiness. People started creating memes on her and mocked her in every possible way. Jessica even apologized to her newly engaged friends for the negative comments they received on their special photo. Jessica who was a hearing impaired as a child had to go through several surgeries on her ears. Though she wanted to undergo surgery to change the appearance of her teeth, she could not undergo surgery as her family could not afford the expenses of another surgery.

While a few people used social media to spread negativity, one of her friends used the same social media to start a GoFundMe page to help her undergo surgery. A local newspaper picked up this story and published it on their paper. As people got to know everything about Jessica, many of them came forward to help her; among them, one dentist, in particular, came forward to give her a brand new look – completely free of cost.

Watch the video below to see how the mocking helped Jessica get a brand new look that too free of charge. We always see the negative side of the social media but fail to witness the positive side of it. Do share this story of happy ending with your friends on Facebook to make them understand how social media can be used to spread love and happiness and also as a tool to help others.

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