Gilbert Legrand – French Artist Who Turns Everyday Objects Into Playful Characters

Gilbert Legrand is a French artist who takes this a step further by painting and otherwise transforming ordinary objects to turn them into cute little characters. For the past ten years he Legrand has been finding the hidden characters in everyday objects and revealing them with paint.

Legrand lets his imagination soar by painting small and delicate details onto these ordinary objects to help us look at them the way he does.

With the addition of a face and sometimes arms and legs, a juicer becomes a woman emerging from a pool, a coat hanger becomes a mouse sporting shoes, a paintbrush can become a mangled fox, and a hinge can become a shady salesman. To the delight people, he has been regularly displaying his work in art centers around France. There, his creations encourage a child-like imagination and playful reassessments of the built world around us.

Here are few of his creations. You can view more creations at his official website

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