Grandmother Whose Melting Face Made Her Go Blind Refuses Surgery

This world is full of people who are gifted with everything normal in their lives that they have forgotten to be thankful to the Lord for helping them lead a normal life. But there are people who suffer from one disability or the other and it is these people who never fail to inspire people who have got everything a human being should have. The inspiring stories of these specially-abled people make one’s chest swell with pride and make the audience get goosebumps. These specially-abled people though haven’t been blessed with normalcy in their lives are blessed with immense courage and self-belief which makes them beat all odds and lead a life of contentment and happiness.

This story is about a 63-year-old lady from Thailand who is suffering from a rare medical condition which gives her face the appearance that it is melting. This sad condition has taken away the eyesight of the lady and has distorted her face so much that her mouth and nose look like they are hanging from her face. Ms. WiangBoonmee, the 63-year-old lady from Thailand claims that she has been suffering from this condition since her childhood and yet refuses to undergo surgery as she fears that the surgery might take away her life.

This peculiar situation of the lady came to light when recently the lady who was settled in a village, Surin, where people were accustomed to her appearance, moved to Bangkok and started selling trinkets and flowers on the street. She earns her livelihood and leads an independent life owing to her attitude of not bowing down to the blows of life rather facing it with immense courage and a positive attitude. In the bustling Bangkok, her different appearance has attracted a lot of eyeballs which eventually resulted in many of them contacting medics to help the lady undergo surgery.

Though the medics have personally come down to Bangkok to meet her and convince her to undergo surgery she has yet not given anybody a permission to perform surgery to her. Even Dr. SunuraOurairat, who is the President of Rangsit University in Thailand, came to visit Ms. Boonmee on the street and personally offered to help her receive medical attention had to go back empty-handed as she has strictly refused to accept any sort of help. She says, “I have had this problem for a long time. More than I can remember. I have survived and I’m healthy and have a job. If I have an operation, I might never wake up. I’m afraid I would not survive it.”

The mother of one and grandmother of two says, “My daughter brings me here so I can sell flowers and camphor oils. I am happy and somebody gave me a donation this week, which I’m grateful for.” She proudly says that though she is facing a lot of troubles with regards to her face, she has never given up hope and has never begged for her survival. She says there has been not a single day in her life when she thought about asking others for help rather she has helped herself by earning her bread and that makes feel great about herself.

Ms. Boonmee is presumed to be suffering from a neuron tumor, which is called neurofibromatosis. These neurons can grow anywhere including the spinal cord, brain and lower part of the body. Medics are of the opinion that to correct such a situation one has to go through surgery as early as possible, likely in the childhood itself as it makes the medic’s job easier to remove the tumors. Medics applaud Ms. Boonmee for displaying such great determination in life saying that conditions like these are not life-threatening but they make the person go through a lot of stress resulting in the person giving up on life. But they say it is inspiring to see how Ms. Boonmee has conducted herself and has managed to live an independent life despite the tumor.

Though it is not clear whether her condition can be made better or whether she will finally agree to undergo surgery, her health for the moment seems stable and we only wish that it continues that way for years to come.

Do remember to pray for Ms. Boonmee in your prayer and wish her all the best for the future. Please do share this story with your friends and family to spread the word about this amazing lady.

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