Harakhchand Savla – The Man Who Has Saved 1,80,000 Cancer Patients Till Now

Harakchand Savla, a person who is unfamiliar to most Indians but to cancer patients he is no less than God. Over the past three decades, he has been selflessly serving cancer patients and striving hard to make life easier for the patients and their families. He is one among those heroes of India who neither works for recognition nor to win the hearts of the people. He works because he wants to change the society for better and in his own unique way he is bringing about a revolutionary change by helping the cancer patients and their families. Mr Savla who is currently 58 years old has dedicated his life to the betterment of the society.

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Almost 28 years ago Harakchand Savla would stand in front of Tata Cancer Hospital and would think how could he help the people suffering from the deadly disease who had no idea where to stay, which doctor to approach and how would they get treatment for their disease. He would stare at the pain-ridden faces who were standing at death’s door. The sight of patients and their family members running here and there in search of help made a deep impact on him. He would return to his home every day thinking that something needed to be done to help these people come out of the misery.

Most of the patients were from a poor background and had no idea whom to meet; moreover, they did not have enough money to buy medicine let alone buying food for the family members. Mr Savla was haunted by these faces and would always keep thinking of ways to make their lives better. One day it struck him.

He rented out his well doing business and started an organization ‘Jeevan Jyot’ with the primary objective to help the cancer patients and their family members in every way possible. The money that he received by renting his hotel which was doing pretty well was completely used to run the charitable activity right in front of Tata Cancer Hospital, near the Kondaji Building. When he started, he had not thought that the activity would continue for 27 long years. The charitable activity started with Mr Savla serving free food to about 50 people at his small shop. People in and around the shop felt greatly humbled by his gesture and started helping him financially so that he could serve more people. The number grew from 50 to 200, and currently, he is serving 700 people.

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We might take a break from our work, we might want to visit different places just to feel relaxed and re-energize ourselves, but Mr Harakchand Savla has been serving people from the past 27 years without taking a day off. Yes, you read it right. He has not taken even a day off from his service to the cancer patients. Even the rains which momentarily brought Mumbai to knees could not stop Mr Harakchand Savla from serving the needy patients and their relatives.

If you think he has been only donating free food from the past 27 years, then you are mistaken. As you would have understood by now, Mr Savla is such a human being who would be happy just by serving free food to people. So he started providing medicines at free of cost and also at cost without any profit. He has also opened a toy bank where children from various walks of life visit his shop and leave behind toys which are of no use to them anymore. Those toys are provided as gifts to children suffering from cancer in an attempt to make them forget their disease and enjoy the beauty of their childhood. He also collects dress from people and gives it to poor people who come to him asking for help.

He has also started a medicine bank where three doctors and three pharmacists have enrolled themselves to provide services free of cost to the needy patients. The trust ‘Jeevan Jyot’ runs 60 of such humanitarian projects and has truly made a remarkable impact on lives of thousands of people.

Is it not the irony of the country that a person who acts becomes a hero and a role model but a person who truly works for the betterment of society, dedicates his life for the welfare of the society is not even recognized by people from his own state? When we can felicitate sportspersons, politicians and others for achieving excellence in one particular field, what is stopping us from atleast spreading message about people like Mr Harakchand Savla who is working for the betterment of the people without any expectations?

We at Abdul Kalam Fan Club think it is the time we get our acts together and spread the message about inspiring personalities like Mr Harakchand Savla which will truly bring a great change in the society. Here’s hoping that you will share this article as much as possible and help us spread the positive message.


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