Harish Agarwal – A Class 8 Dropout is an Apple doctor

“A Scientist can discover a new star, but he cannot make one. He would have to ask an Engineer to make one” –Gordon G Glegg

A Facebook video that has become viral depicting “How an Engineer Plays Basket Ball?” has got a clear and effective message- Solving Engineering Problems require a problem-addressing mindset rather than bookish formula and equations. All engineering graduates can’t become problem solvers, and all technically strong guys needn’t have to possess an engineering degree. Here is a tech-savvy mind Harish Agarwal from Indore who dropped out of high school due to hardship at home and started a computer repair centre who couldn’t face cut-throat competition, boarded a train to Bengaluru with the hope of getting a better job and was even ready to work as Hotel Waiter at a particular point in time. But, fortunately, ended up as a techie in great demand by Mac/Apple product users across India just by his prowess in repairing various Apple products like Mac Book, I-Phones and I-Pods. Having started as a Mobile Phone repairer for a paltry Rs. 2000 salary today he has went on establishing a chain of Apple-Repair Centres in the heart of Bengaluru City and also in Indore. Harish Agarwal has proven a point mere qualifications/degree will not suffice for a Technology Expert, but the problem-solving aptitude is important to succeed.

The Technical Talent foresaw in Childhood

Harish Agarwal was born in not a well-to-do family in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. His father was an employee in an industry and had tried his level best to educate his children. He had to shell out all his earnings to educate his eldest son as an engineer. Unfortunately, it didn’t reap any results and Harish Agarwal the younger sibling couldn’t get financial assistance to pursue his education further as his father lost the job. Inevitably Harish dropped out from High school when he was in 8th Standard. But Harish had a mechanic type of brain that used to prompt him to dismantle and rearrange any electronic or mechanical gadgets that used to be in his possession. In his childhood, he had learned to dismantle and assemble Television sets. Harish proudly recalls that way back in the year 2007, A desktop computer that was posing a lot of problems was dismantled by him and thus started interacting with computer hardware that has earned his reputation of ‘Apple-Doctor’ in India.

Having dropped out from school, he tried to operate as Hardware engineer in Indore, but the stiff competition in the already mushroomed market made him try something else by migrating to IT-Capital Bengaluru.

The Testing Phase @ Bengaluru

His stay at Bengaluru was not a rosy one either. He joined for Computer Networking Professional Courses like Microsoft Certified IT Professional and CCNA certifications and completed them. But the job market demanded English fluency and graduation as a prerequisite which unfortunately Harish didn’t possess. He even became desperate to join as a waiter in some hotel which looked lucrative with a pay of Rs.10000 a month. But the Technical field was not ready to lose this bright talent. He got an offer to work for a Mobile Repair & Service centre for a meagre salary of Rs.2000 a month by his brother’s recommendation. Harish grabbed this opportunity with both hands and started exhibiting diligence in repairing not only mobiles but also laptops and PCs that were brought to his shop. Soon his reputation as a computer service engineer gained wide publicity and one fine day an Apple Service Executive brought a Mac-Book to his shop for repair; this proved to be the game changer in his life.

The Game Changer—Dismantling of a MacBook

Harish meticulously dismantled the MacBook handed over to him and repaired it successfully; It opened the floodgates and opportunities started pouring in as many customers thronged his workplace to get their Mac products repaired. For the next few months, he succeeded in repairing a slew of MacBooks, I-Phones and I-Pods. His confidence got a boost. Thus He opened a Service Centre in Koramangala locality of Bengaluru with Rs. 2 Lakh investment and started exclusively serving Apple Products. He is not alone in this venture he has trained up a pool of engineers and technicians and nearly 18 people work with him. Gradually he has acquired sophisticated and high precision tools to service these machines. He has purchased a Chip Replacement machine for Rs. 5 Lakh and also bought Ultra Sonic cleaner and dent removal machines.

Despite all these preparations, it was not a cake walk for Harish as Apple never releases spare parts and replacing the worn out parts with genuine spares was a big hurdle for his business. He could find out a way out by purchasing used Apple products across the globe and built an inventory of spares. Most important USP of Harish’s Apple Service Centre is they do not recommend replacement and try their level best to repair the product. Also, while Apple gives three-month warranty, his team gives one year warranty. He had imported genuine parts even from Hong Kong and Singapore when it was necessary.

His obsession for Apple product has helped him to procure any newly released Apple Product on the day of release. He recalls that he dismantled iPhone-6 on the day it was released to the market on 17th October 2014.  His next focus is on wearable devices like iWatch that will be the future of electronic gadgets industry.

His message to media goes like this—Apple has been lucky for me. I will stick to it as long as there is Apple because I believe no one can build the devices as professionally as this company,”

He is ready to invest time and money to learn the working mechanism of apple products. He has earned Apple-certified Mac technician qualification and is arguably the only one in the country.

Expansion: Four Centres in Bengaluru

Harish has started operating from Koramangala, Cox Town, Marathalli and Gotigere localities of Bengaluru and has a maiden centre at his hometown Indore. He has plans to take his venture to corporate scale. He also has plans to start up an exclusive Apple Products Service & Repair Training Centre and enable industry through a pool of Apple technicians. He has plans to leave his footprint in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chennai and more.

Being passionate about any act is key to success is what Harish Agarwal has proven. Kalam Fan Club wishes him greater success in future endeavours too.

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