Her Son Couldn’t Open His Kinder Chocolate, But When Mom Did, She Found THIS Inside

Kids love surprise chocolates and that too those chocolates that come with gifts wrapped in them. Kids especially love to buy chocolates that come bundled with toys inside them and the parents do not feel any harm in buying chocolates for their kids. Usually, the wrapper does contain toys and stickers in them which make the child feel excited. But this mom from the UK found something dangerous in the packet of chocolate which could have caused harm to her child. She was in complete shock when she opened a chocolate to offer it to her two-year-old son.

Toys are commonly found in the eggs.

Sophie Brown’s two-year-old kid had always loved too much on the surprise chocolates and it was the same once again. As usual, he tried to open the chocolate wrapper to eat the chocolate and play with the toy that comes along with the chocolate but wasn’t able to do so. So he came running to his mom asking her to open it for him. When she had a closer look at it, she understood that it was an off-brand version of Kinder which was not made by Ferrero. The chocolate had a ‘minions’ wrapper and so she thought there would be minion-themed toys inside the wrapper and tried to open it. But when she opened the chocolate she was in for the biggest shock of her life.

The drugs that were found in the eggs.

Yes, she found that the wrapper had sedatives wrapped inside the chocolate and that shook her completely. Typically, she used to let her son open the chocolate and eat them but she thanked heavens that her son was not able to open it this time around. The delicious looking Kinder Eggs are fun to eat and kids love them but this one packet had drugs inside it and the kid would have been in serious trouble had he ate it without asking his mother’s help.

Like many parents, Sophie was also not in the habit of supervising her son when he opened the chocolate wrapper to find his toy. However, this time it was different. She says, “He came running through and said ‘Mummy can you open it?’ because he had tried and wasn’t able to.”

Shockingly when she opened the toy box she found six drug pills instead of toys. Had the kid not intimidated her mother and swallowed the pills, the kid would have slipped into a coma or might have faced a worse situation. Thankfully, that was not the case and hence she immediately reported the incident to the police.

Till now the police have not been able to find out the culprits and have not got any leads as to how the sedatives were packed inside the wrapper. The Inspector, Mr. Colin Skeath told the reporters, “This appears to be an isolated incident and our inquiries are ongoing to determine how the medication came to be within the confectionery item.”

Sophie is extremely happy that her boy is safe and the fact that she got to know about it before it caused any harm to her kid. She says, “at that age where he would have definitely tried eating them.” After this extremely disturbing incident, she is urging her parents not to leave kids alone with the surprise chocolates and to take extra care of children when it comes to chocolates and other stuff. She also urges the parents to take a closer look at what’s inside the packet and give it to children only once they are satisfied that it wouldn’t harm their children.

Please do share this important information with your friends and relatives. Your one share could help a parent take care of the child and more importantly it will make the parents extra cautious about their children and the things that are around them.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4223128/Toddler-finds-SEDATIVES-Minions-themed-chocolate-egg.html

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