Hironmoy Gogoi – The Youngest Entrepreneur from North-East India

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura the bio-diversified states of North-East India are popularly known as Seven-sisters of Nation.  Due to obvious reasons of non-uniform distribution of political power, these states have received less attention from the rulers of our Nation since independence. But the Youths from the region is overshadowing the partiality rendered to them through shrewd willpower and are getting recognized across the globe.

Hironmoy Gogoi, possibly the youngest Entrepreneur from North East Region, who took the cap of an entrepreneur at the age of 19, is the ‘achiever’ of focus in this post. Hironmoy has played various roles of being a CEO, Business Associate, Founder of NGO and an Educator within a short span of four years.

Quality of Sprout determines the quality of Plant 

Hironmoy Gogoi was born in a low-income family in a small village (Mothadung) of the Sivasagar district in Assam. His father was an ONGC employee. Hironmoy lost his elder brother in an accident when he was just 15.  His Mother was a chronic diabetic patient, and despite family putting all earnings for her treatment, she died due to kidney failure. Hironmoy was just 18 when he lost his mother. Life taught the lesson of hardship at a tender age to this boy.

As a teenager Hironmoy was so determined to contribute to the society that he started an N.G.O on 13th may 2013, named after his mother, —Mrs. Mondita Gogoi, as Mondita Social Development Org-(M.S.D.O) by associating with a rural entrepreneur Mr. Keshob Borah. The objective of his organization was to empower women, eradicate child labor by connecting quality education and encouraging rural entrepreneurs. Most interesting aspect of his career is after playing roles of CEO, business associate, etc. Hironmoy contributes a significant amount of his earnings to the functioning of N.G.O.

Development as Entrepreneur in various Stages

A ‘social entrepreneur’ innate within Hironmoy prompted him to go further from N.G.O to start an educational start-up called North Eastern Institute of Technology in collaboration with Blue Chip Education Pvt. Ltd., a Guwahati based company. The objective was providing quality computer education in both rural & urban areas to enhance the computer literacy rate in Assam. This venture happened when he was 19 years of age, and it earned him the reputation as the youngest entrepreneur from North East India.

Within few months he took up another responsibility by incepting MCH Technologies in collaboration with Contact Centre 24×7, Bengaluru with the primary objective of creating awareness amongst overseas clients about the untapped human resource availability in India and assure them good Return on Investment.

His perseverance and tireless working nature led him to become a business associate for more than eight small call centers across India. Some of the prominent clients he is linked to are XLN Telecom, Live Cover, Titan Telecom, Direct Save Telecom, Rogers Telecom, Bell Mobility, Vonage, Global Telecom Connections, Visionary Leads, SIN Legal, DBI, Access Education, Synergy Group of Companies, etc.

Pursuing His Dreams

He is pursuing building his voice campaigns to provide a virtual environment for call centers to directly connect with overseas clients. He also has ambitions to start an e-magazine called ‘Telemind’ to encourage entrepreneurship and business outsourcing.

But in between all these ideas his social entrepreneurship skills has once again come to the foreground with a Food Startup called “Gaon Khi Khana”-GKK (Food of Villages). The primary objective of GKK is to provide a market to rural Assamese ethnic food by taking it to cities through his startup. Also, this objective has one more key ingredient in it—“Provide Employment to rural educated and uneducated people.” Currently, GKK is operating in two districts of Assam viz. Sivasagar and Jorhat. Hironmoy is aiming at creating 3000 micro jobs for women in rural areas through this Food startup. Already GKK is a big hit and as a consequence of which has won him National Award.

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The most recent activity of Hironmoy is initiating an organization called All Assam Entrepreneurs Association (AAEA), to rope in all young achievers in one banner and motivate them to carry out their tasks holistically. Currently, there are 30 members in this association among which 10 are females. Also, his idea to pen down all his experiences in a book called “The World Will Need You One Day” has gained a lot of public attention too. Also, Hironmoy Gogoi, who had to drop out of education due to hardships of life, has decided to continue his education by pursuing Bachelors in business administration.

Kalam Fan Club is proud to bring about a post on such a youngster who at the age of 22 has proven Living for others is the best medicine to overcome your miseries.


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