How to Select a Good Soap?

It’s natural for every human on earth to bathe at least once a day. Bathing serves the dual purpose of cooling our body by removing excess heat and cleansing our body of the dirt it has acquired. Generally, soaps are used by people to serve the purpose of cleaning the body. We take a lot of time to select a soap based on its brand name, fragrance, shape, size, quantity and so on. But what if I tell you are missing out to look at one of the most important features which have more importance than all the other features mentioned above. You must be wondering which feature I am referring to. I am referring to Total Fatty Matter (TFM) which is one of the most important features which will define how smooth your skin will be after cleansing yourself with soap.

Total Fatty Matter (TFM) is one of the most important characteristics describing the quality of soaps. When one says healthcare and wellness, we immediately think of food, nutrition, and exercise. But what about external body care? How your soap affects your well-being? Higher TFM ensures that soaps are least harmful to the skin and do not cause dryness; in “bathing” bars less TFM means very harmful soap, that soap will grasp all the moisture present in the skin making it dry. As skin becomes dry, it may become more sensitive and prone to rashes, infections and skin breakdown. This condition is sometimes referred to as xerosis.

According to BIS, Grade 1: soaps should have 76% minimum TFM- This a high grade, thoroughly saponified, milled soap or homogenized soap or both, white or coloured, perfumed and compressed in the form of firm smooth cakes, and shall possess good cleaning and lathering properties.
While Grade 2: soaps should have 70% minimum TFM – This is a thoroughly saponified, plodded soap of firm and smooth texture. It shall be white or coloured, perfumed, and shall possess good cleaning and lathering properties.
Grade 3: 60 %minimum TFM- This is a saponified soap of firm and smooth texture. It shall be white or coloured, usually red if cresylic acid is added and shall possess good cleaning and lathering properties respectively.

In simple words, Higher the TFM of soap, better will it be for your skin and vice versa. Grade 1 soaps will not become mushy when it comes in contact with water. Grade 2 and 3 soaps will become mushy when they come in contact with water. So, if you want to take care of your skin, keep the glow going and maintain the smoothness of your skin do check out the TFM content of the soap before buying the soap. TFM and the grade of soap will be printed on the backside of every soap (check the video below). Be wise and make the right decision of buying soap with higher TFM content even though it costs a little extra. Think about this, in pursuit of saving a few bucks you might eventually have to shell out a huge amount of money owing to skin diseases that you might acquire due to your negligence. So it is advisable that buy soap which will help you take good care of your skin rather than the one which will help you save money.

There are various instances where people have used soap of low quality and attracted skin diseases which proved costly when compared to buying a better soap. In this world where people think of short-term and eventually lose in the race of life, be a person who thinks about long-term and wins the race of life. As it is perfectly said, the best investment you can ever make is an investment in yourself. Consider spending time and money on researching about the soap as an investment you are making on your well being rather than thinking of it as a waste of time and energy.

I humbly request you to share this vital information with your friends and family as this information might prove to be very useful for them in future and will help them differentiate between soap which is good for their health from the one which seems to be good for their pocket but isn’t in the long run.

In the below video I show where to find this information about TFM. Click play and forward to 4.17 seconds. The video is in Kannada but it doesn’t matter.


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