ICICI Bank Donates ₹10 Crore To The Families Of Ex-Servicemen As A Salute To The Armed Forces

India is changing! India a country where people are so passionate about their cultural heritage and believe in non-violence and brotherhood is developing rapidly and is contributing to the betterment of the world in a huge way. Indian armed forces are helping maintain peace all over the country by being a part of the peacekeeping force of the UN. India is one of the largest contributors to the peacekeeping force of UN which sends soldiers and policemen to the regions which are affected by heavy wars and civil unrest. The soldiers of the nation have not only made sure the nation is safe from external threats but also have selflessly sacrificed their lives to maintain peace all over the world.

Ms. Chanda Kochhar with the Hon’ble Minister of Defence, Smt. Nirmala Sitharama

These selfless acts of the soldiers have ensured that the nation’s flag furls proudly over our heads and the country keeps on climbing the heights of development with each passing year. The sacrifice of the soldiers can be summed up in this beautiful statement – They sacrifice their today for our tomorrow. But sadly, though we as a nation are taking giant leaps somewhere we are not doing enough for the soldiers who give everything for the nation.

We the people of the nation and also the government haven’t provided the soldiers with enough resources to fall back upon once they have retired or got injured during the battle. We have to understand that it is not only the soldier who makes the sacrifice but also his/her family who send their son/daughter/husband/wife to the borders even after knowing that they might not come back. The family which makes such a huge sacrifice has to fight with a lot of people even after the death of their dear one on the battlefield. While the soldier ensures the safety and security of the nation, there’s hardly anyone to ensure safety and security to his/her family members.

But the happy fact is that the country is changing and people including corporates have started coming forward to help the families of soldiers to make their life better. This time its India’s one of the leading bank ICICI which has come forward to donate 10 crores for the welfare of the family of soldiers. Recently at a function held in Raksha Mantralaya in New Delhi, Ms. Chanda Kochchar, MD, and CEO, ICICI Bank donate a cheque of Rs. 10 lakhs to the Defence Minister. The government officials have made it clear that the money donated by ICICI will be used in two programs to help the daughters/wives of the soldiers. One will be towards funding the post-graduate education of widow of the soldier and the second part will be used to fund the marriage expenses of the soldier’s daughters.

Yes, it is a great initiative taken by the bank in association with the defense ministry but it is not the first time that the bank has come up with such an important announcement, earlier the bank had in association with Konkana Sen Sharma sensitized women of the country to invest in their own growth. We are extremely happy knowing that big concerns like ICICI are going out of their way to help the people who are dire need of it! Kudos to the bank for its job well done and we hope that this gesture of Ms. Chanda Kochchar inspires many other CEO’s to come forward and lend their hand of support in bringing a positive change in the society.

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