Indian Sisters Run A Baby Spa In Australia And The Pictures Will Bust Your Stress INSTANTLY!

The recreational centers are attracting a lot of attention in the world at the moment. Be it spas, saloons, water games, land games, racing circuits or any other such activity based centers. Most of these are targeted towards the teenagers and the adults. The adults prefer to spend weekends or a day in a month at these places to relieve themselves from all the tensions and stress that comes along with their working life. The targets set by the manager, the ups and downs in the company and the lack of quality time spent by these people with their respective families makes them go through a lot of emotional trauma which necessitates them to visit these recreational centers once in a while.
But have you ever heard of a spa for babies? You probably did not! What if I say there is a spa and massage center for babies in Australia? You would probably go crazy and feel that it would have shut down within a few weeks of opening as who would send their newborn baby to spa or massage center? But you are wrong once again! The baby spa is not only doing well but also has become very famous all over the world. Indian origin sisters who have come up with this amazing idea are being applauded by people over the internet and they have become internet celebrities overnight!

Indian origin sisters Anita Yap and Kavita Kumar have established the first of its kind Baby Spa in Australia. Baby Spa Perth is Australia’s first bath and massage parlor dedicated purely for babies. Just to let you know, the client list of Spa ranges from babies as young as 6 months to 6 years old. You will fall in love with the adorable pictures the sisters have uploaded on social media site. Look at the pictures for yourself and spend some quality time smiling from ear to ear.

Yes, you guessed it right! That’s Anita Yap with her 4 days old Xavier.

That adorable tube like looking material is called ‘bubby’. I know you are wishing you had some of it while you were growing up 😉

I am going to sleep all day long!

Who’s the winner? Me? Yeaaa, Thanks

I just added water in the tub!

I have the cutest smile in the world <3

Let me start preparing for the Olympics

I am not coming out of here!

Team! Are you ready for the attack?

Can you wink like me?

I love playing with my hair!

It’s all over? Oh, no!

Don’t touch my hair! You understand?

That feels great!

Is that me? Am I that cute

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