Ishwar Singh Bargah – The Journey From Being An Watchman to The Principal of Same College

“The Expert in anything was once a beginner”

Dreaming Big doesn’t cost you anything but realizing your dream demands perseverance and hard work. Often the de-facto belief in our society is that dramatic career transforms from that of a laborer to a white collared profession is a rarity to see. Often those who are forced into a career of laborers due to family needs curtail their educational aspirations and give up acquiring higher educational qualifications. Here is a rare story from Kalam Fan Club that introduces to readers Dr. Ishwar Singh Bargah a personality who has trod a path of various hurdles by starting his career as a salesman, gardener, watchman, supervisor, teacher and finally becoming principal of the same group of institutions where he had put up service as a gardener!

Lights Camera Action

This inspiring story unfolds in a cinematic style with Ishwar Singh Bargah migrating to Bhilai in Chhattisgarh at the age of 19 in the year 1985. By then he had completed his schooling at a village called Ghutiya. Like any youngster from an underprivileged class Bargah too was on the lookout for a job to meet the needs of the family. He took up a salesman position in a garment shop with meagre wages of 150 rupees per month. While working as a salesman he enrolled for Bachelor of Arts B.A course. Within a span of two months, his uncle helped him to get a better paying job of gardener at Kalyan College in Bhilai. Soon Bargah’s sincerity helped him to play various roles in the college as Parking Stand keeper and Supervisor of ongoing construction activities on the campus. He continued pursuing studies in evening college by donning these roles at daytime.

The Twist in the Story

In 1989 Bargah successfully completed his Graduation. The same College offered him the position of Craft teacher. So Bargah started attending classes in the day and worked as a watchman on the same campus at night time. His zeal to teach prompted college authorities to offer him assistant professor position as he continuously acquired higher qualifications like M. Ed, B.PEd, and M.Phil. Bargah makes it a point to recall the support extended by his higher-ups like Prof. TS Thakur, then Principal of the college, PK Shrivastav (HoD, Education), Dr. HN Dubey (HoD Chemistry) and JP Mishra. Prof. Bargah’s untiring nature made him pursue Doctoral degree in Education, and he succeeded in acquiring the highest degree in education.

The Climax

By then Kalyan Shikshana Samithi had grown up as a big player in the educational arena of Chhattisgarh. In the year 2005, the Samithi started a new college with the name Kalyan Shiksha Mahavidyalaya at a place called Aheri. The trustees found Dr. Ishwar Singh Bargah as the best person to lead this new institute in the role of the Principal. Thus a boy who started a career as a salesman had completed 360-degree saga to reach the highest position in the area of education.

In this journey of hardships and success, Dr. Bargah had faced failures too. He had tried to make a career in Indian Armed Forces but couldn’t succeed. But Today he has no regrets and enjoys his role of a mentor to its fullest extent. He makes it a point to read motivational stories and listen to motivational speeches. Dr. Bargah entered into wedlock in the year 1998 with Kirti Singh and is blessed with two sons Ketan Singh and Simanchal Singh.

Kalam Fan Club wishes this story of Dr. Ishwar Singh Bargah will inspire thousands of Indians who are forced to give up higher educational aspirations due to unavoidable domestic financial crunches.


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