Jayesh Desai – The Journey From Salary of Rs. 300 to Creating A Business of Rs. 2,500 Crore

It is said by many that perseverance is the key to success. If one is able to look at something which others aren’t able to then it is highly likely that he will achieve success in life. It is universally accepted fact that youngsters tend to have more energy and that energy gives them the immense confidence to take risks in life. But many of the youngsters use the energy for wrong reasons and as a result, fail to reach their optimum potential. But the ones that channelize their energies in the right direction are bound to achieve success in life. This is one such story which tells us how one can achieve success even though he has nothing to start of with.

This is the story of Mr. Jayesh Desai, who defied all odds to achieve success in life. Mr. Desai was born to a middle-class Vaishnava Bania family in a village called Gharihar, Gujarat. Jayesh’s father used to run a small grocery store but it was not enough to look after the needs of five children including Jayesh. Jayesh who was the only male child and also the youngest of the five had been deprived of basic amenities right from his early years. As there was not enough money to meet the basic necessities of life, Jayesh had to struggle hard from his early childhood days.

Though they were poor, Jayesh had a strange liking for cars. Whenever people of the village who had settled in Surat and were making a great living used to visit the village in their four-wheeler, Jayesh would draw inspiration looking at the car and would renew his resolve to make it big in life. With the sole dream of earning huge amount of money, Jayesh planned to work in Mumbai – the city of dreams. His elder sister helped him find a place to work and stay in Mumbai. Jayesh joined a ball bearing shop with a pay scale of Rs. 300 per month and worked there for about 6 months. After somehow spending six months in Mumbai, Jayesh decided to return to Gujarat and hence wrote a letter to his father informing his father that he had decided to return to his village.

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In the village, he joined his father and started working at the grocery store. After about 3 years into the business, it was pretty clear to Jayesh that he would not be able to make big by running a small rented shop. As Jayesh was looking for opportunities to start a venture that would help him achieve success in life, he met an old childhood friend who had earned loads of money by being a diamond trader in Surat. This particular friend of his convinced him to come to Surat to start a new life. With Rs. 500 in his pocket and a huge pile of dreams in his heart, Jayesh started out on a new journey to Surat.

Mr. Jayesh started working under a diamond trader for the first few months. He then saw an opportunity to sell oil in the area and hence with the help of his friend opened a shop in Vachahar Raod. Jayesh used to borrow oil from Oil Mills at Tasga near Pavadi. Soon his father started sending oil to Surat and Jayesh used to pay for the oil after selling it. The business picked momentum and in the first month itself, he earned a profit of Rs. 10,000. This gave Jayesh the much-needed confidence and he started working hard at his shop and as a result, earned a profit of Rs. 500,000 at the end of the year.

The success and the profit served as a booster and going with the momentum, Jayesh started his own brand of oil known as the Rajhans. The company which was started with only two tankers of oil grew leaps and bounds and today is worth more than 2500 crores. Mr. Jayesh thought of entering new areas to do business and naturally, he acquired a textile mill in 1999. Jayesh who is a pure vegetarian established three 5-star Pure Vegetarian Hotels at Shirdi, Vaishno Devi, and Tirupathi. He also stepped into the chocolate industry with an initial capital of Rs. 200 crores. Today his company is giving all the multinationals a run for their money, making company’s like Cadbury and Nestle sweat it out even in their Air-Conditioned rooms.

The small kid who used to get inspired looking at cars is today inspiring thousands of youths all over the country to take up entrepreneurship as a career in life. Mr. Jayesh who earned a meager salary of Rs. 300 a month is now counted among the top business minds in India and is perceived to be the next big businessman of India. His life’s journey proves the fact that if you cling on to your intuitions and take the decisions listening to your heart, you are bound to achieve success in life.

We think Mr. Jayesh’s life story does need a big thumbs up from all of us and we can do that by sharing the article with our friends and families, making them understand that it’s not the circumstances but the attitude of the person that helps him/her achieve success in life.


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