Jitendra Singh – This Security Guard Has Written 4000 Letters To The Families Of Martyrs

We all have deepest of respect for the soldiers who do not think twice before sacrificing their lives guarding the boundaries of the nation. We all know that it is because of the sacrifices made by the soldier and his family that we can lead a peaceful life. We are also aware of the fact that soldiers stay away from their families just to protect our family from all kinds of dangers. But how many of us have taken the initiative to thank the soldiers and their families for the selfless work they do for the welfare of the country? How many of us have acknowledged the fact that the peace we enjoy is because of the sacrifice made thousands of soldiers and their families? Have we ever thought of thanking the soldiers or their families for the ultimate service they have done for the country? Most of us will answer in negative. But there’s a person who has written over 4000 letters in the past 17 years to the families of martyred soldiers, thanking them for their sacrifice.

37-year-old Jitendra who works as a security guard in Surat has written over 4000 letters thanking the families of soldiers who laid down their lives fighting the enemies of the nation. Jitendra who is a resident of Kutkheda Village in Rajasthan is the son of a soldier, and this has inspired him to write letters filled with love and respect on a postcard to families of martyred soldiers. Though Jitendra could not live his dream of becoming a soldier, he finds solace in the fact that through his letters he has been able to console and share the grief of martyred soldier’s families.

Jitendra’s love and respect for soldiers is visible from the fact that he has named his son after Late Hardeep Singh, a soldier who attained martyrdom fighting the militants in Jammu and Kashmir in 2003. The story doesn’t stop here. Jitendra has personally visited the soldier’s families to thank them for their services to the nation.

“I will always be grateful to you for the sacrifices you have made for the country. I promise that your son’s sacrifice will not go unrecognized” writes Jitendra in a letter addressed to the family of Late Bhupendra Jaat, one among the many soldiers who lost his life while protecting the country.

“I have been writing letters like these since Kargil War. I think that being in the army is a tough job and it is the country’s duty to respect those martyrs who sacrifice their lives for us. There are many people who have been living under the dark clouds of grief after losing their ones, and we should fulfill our moral duties towards those families” says Jitendra.

His letters are filled with love and respect for the soldier, and he makes it a point to tell the families that there is someone in Gujarat who thinks of them all the time. He also acknowledges the fact that soldiers do not think twice to protect citizens like him. Jitendra depends on the newspapers to collect the details about the soldier and also their address to send his postcard. He wanders from one library to another to collect the details about the martyred soldiers. Today, Jitendra has collected details of over 20,000 soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. The details collected by him include their names, numbers, unit details, residential address and so on.

This patriot, who has been working as a security guard from the past 13 years, uses the money from his pocket to collect the address and also to send the postcards. His good Samaritan efforts have not gone unnoticed. Many of the families have written back to him thanking him for being there in times of grief, and one of the martyr’s fathers had also expressed the desire to meet him in person. Though they have not been able to meet each other till now, Jitendra often calls him to remind that there’s a person in Gujarat who always thinks of his son.

“My family thinks I am crazy to be doing something that gives no returns in spite of coming from a middle-class background, but I am determined and will not leave this path until the end,” says Jitendra with a spark in his eyes and pride in his heart.

It’s the love and respect soldiers receive from people like Jitendra that motivates them to go out there and defend the country without having any second thoughts. We salute this Patriot for taking the time to thank the families of martyred soldiers and making them feel that their son’s sacrifice hasn’t gone unnoticed.



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