Jyothi Reddy – A Journey From a Farm Laborer to CEO of IT Firm

From working in the fields of a South Indian village to set up an IT firm, Key Software Solutions in the US, the life of D Anila Jyothi Reddy is a study of stretched struggle and the resulting success.

Early life

Born in a deprived family, Anila Jyothi was the second of the five children of her parents. The extreme poverty of her family led them to send her to an orphanage. So distressful was the life of a child Jyothi who had to live the life of an orphan despite having a family. Exposed to the hardships and suffering in childhood, the young Jyothi learned her life lessons the hard and rough way.

During her life in the orphanage, Anila Jyothi studied in a government school and also took some vocational course classes. Anila Jyothi used to help her superintendent with their homely works for some earning.

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As Jyoti reached 16, she was married to a distant cousin, who was a farmer. She soon became a mother of two in a couple of years. Already living in a deplorable condition, the birth of two girls gave Jyothi more reasons to struggle. At that time, she used to work in the fields for 5 rupees a day.

With such below the poverty level of income, they could hardly afford medicine or any other essential facility. Even Jyothi admitted her girls in a Telugu school because she could not pay 50 Rupees/month that was then the lowest fees for an English medium school.

Early career

Living through miseries and afflictions, and desirous of giving her children a good life, Jyothi Reddy always looked for opportunities. Her life saw its first glimpse of light when she got a job through a government program. Later, she also worked as a teacher. As the money came from these sources were not enough, she did part-time jobs like stitching clothes. She worked as a Librarian too.

Though her husband was unwilling of her continuing academics, Jyothi Reddy completed BA from B. R. Ambedkar Open University. After it, she went for MA too from Kakatiya University. Her qualifications indeed paid off as she got the job of a special teacher. However, she had to travel for more than a couple of hours to reach her workplace. So Jyothi utilized this time too and started selling saree in the train to earn some extra bucks. It was the efficiency of Anila Jyothi Reddy that she never missed to cash in opportunities. After involving in successive short time professions, Jyothi Reddy got a standard employment in 1994.

The American Dream

Toiled and drudged all through her life like an ox, Jyothi Reddy knew that life would put more challenges and nothing could be taken for granted. Instead of settling down with her regular job, Reddy continued to look for better options. At that time she came to meet a distant relative who came from America and was influenced deeply by their life standard. Now, she too wanted to go to the USA. For that, Jyothi Reddy took up computer courses and got her visa ready.

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Reddy in America

At last, Jyothi went to the USA in 2000, leaving her family. During her early days in America, she picked up many small professions to survive. She worked as a saleswoman and as a babysitter and was also employed at a gas station. She lived there as a paying guest with an Indian family. Sooner she got a recruiter’s job with the help of a connection.

The Success

Tired of going from one job to another, Jyothi Reddy thought to set up her own business. She started a consulting company that would do the paperwork involved with the Visa Processing. With all money at her disposal, she got an office in Phoenix in 2001. That consulting company later evolved in Key Software Solutions.

Afterward, Jyothi Reddy brought her daughters to the US, where the two girls studied in a highly developed environment.

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Sense of Social Responsibility

Her life being marked by toils and moils, Jyothi Reddy knows the pain of needy people. She donates to nursing homes and orphanages. Lived with them and aware of their utterly devastated state, her aim is to uplift the condition of every orphan of India. For this, Jyothi Reddy has been in touch with many government offices and NGOs.

She has already organized National Seminars at various places in India to raise the issues of orphans. With Vocational Training provided to homeless children, she seeks to enable them to become self-sufficient and can work for a better future. Moreover, she is also active in her mission to empower rural womenfolk.

This story of a woman, who was raised in an orphanage and was destined to live a most misfortunate life, defying all odds to overcoming every obstacle, and at last succeeding at establishing her own business, is truly inspiring. Once worked over days and nights to earn a bare living, Jyothi Reddy is now living an affluent life and is contributing to human society as well.





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