Kalpesh Patel – The Boy With Polio Who Built a Million Dollar Business

It is sad that people with special abilities are often referred to as disabled. It is also sad that rather than accepting the specially-abled people as they are the society showers them with unwanted sympathy which does more harm than good to those people. Many of the specially-abled give into the society’s words and blame the god’s for giving them such a life. But there are a few who do not give a damn to the talks of the society and rise above everything to win the game of life. They focus their energy on becoming better by making use of available resources rather than wasting it on blaming their fortune. This story of Kalpesh Patel is one among those where he focused on winning the game rather than blaming someone else for the shortcomings.

This story of Mr. Patel will inspire you to the core and will make you believe in the fact that one can be successful if he is ready to put everything at stake. This story reiterates one’s belief in Swami Vivekananda’s words of wisdom – “Take up one idea, make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” Yes, Kalpesh took up one idea, made it his life and gave everything he had and as a result, today Kalpesh’s life which was termed unfortunate just a few years ago has become a successful one giving employment to hundreds of people.

The Journey

When Kalpesh was only 5 months old, he became a victim of polio owing to his prolonged illness which had made him bedridden for months together. As he was a weak child from birth it made the virus spread throughout the body and unfortunately resulted in Kalpesh losing one of his legs. Though polio claimed a leg and ability to walk like normal human beings it could not make a dent in his confidence and could not affect his zeal to win. Right from his childhood, Kalpesh developed an attitude to fight against all odds and challenges of life. He kept on moving forward despite the problems and hurdles he faced during his childhood.

An unfortunate early death of Father

Kalpesh had made up in his mind that education was the only medium which will help him be successful owing to his special abilities. He understood that to achieve something meaningful in life he needs to have a solid foundation in education and hence he studied with all his heart. As his father ran a small business and was the sole bread earner in the family, Kalpesh used to help his father in his business. When Kalpesh was 18-years-old, tragedy struck the family as they lost the sole bread earner of the family. To overcome the loss and look after the family, Kalpesh, the eldest sibling, took the responsibility of looking after the business which meant that he had to give up his dreams of going to educational institutions to build a stable life.

Kalpesh, not the one to be disheartened by the challenges of life, started working tirelessly to revamp the business which was on the verge of shutting down. The challenge was not easy as he had to work in the business environment fully knowing the fact that he would not be able to walk freely. That was not all, he was also well aware of the fact that it was time to get his sister married and he also had to make enough resources available to ensure his sibling continued with his studies. All of this could have easily made anyone go crazy but not Kalpesh. He was made of something special, though the overall burden of the family fell on his young shoulders, Kalpesh, handled everything with great skill and overcame the hurdles ahead of him.

Establishing a multi-crore company

Once he had successfully handled the responsibility he concentrated on taking his father’s business to a new level. He wanted to do something new and exciting which would change the fortunes of his family forever. So to understand which venture was worth trying, he did a market study for potential business ideas and started learning the critical tricks of running a successful business. After a lot of thought, he decided to take up diamond supply business and started supplying diamond on a very small scale. Though he did start small he was always aiming big and always wanted to scale up his business. Gradually he took the diamond business to new levels and started raising the bar. This way, Kalpesh took the business of diamond supply which was in mere thousands to a position where the dealings now happen in several crores.

Kalpesh is now married and has two beautiful children to complete his family. Due to his amazing attitude today Kalpesh has all the luxuries in life and is living with his family happily. Owing to the challenges faced by him, he has decided to start an organization which will help people like him achieve success in life. His determination, willpower and a never say die attitude has made him an inspirational figure not only in Gujarat but all around the globe.

It is people like Kalpesh who teach us the most important lessons of life. We do hope you learnt a very important lesson from his life story and will implement those qualities in your life which will bring a remarkable change in your life. Please do share this amazing story with your friends to inspire them and help them achieve their goals in life.

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