Kamala Lochan Baliarsingh – The Homeless Man Who Feeds Stray Dogs Despite Having No Income

Whether we agree or disagree, the harsh truth is we are in an unequal world. Communist, Socialist and Capitalist, none of them succeeded in making this globe a place of equality. While blessed pets have the comfort to stay in posh mansions with utmost care; the strays on streets struggle to feed their tummies. The blessed pets get a final farewell in the form of granite carved memorials in burial grounds whereas strays are preyed upon by vultures and eagles on streets and highways.  Same applies to Homo sapiens too.

But here is an inspiring story where the entire act of fetching the food is done by a hungry poor street dweller and for the cause of stray dogs.  Mr. Kamala Lochan Baliarsingh is the focal point of this post. An old man in his sixties who left his house three decades ago due to family rift and also had to quit a paltry salary earning job due to his physical disability has made Bhubaneswar, Railway station his abode and six-seven stray dogs as his family members.

Kamala Lochan has been living on the platform of Bhubaneswar platform for past three decades and is a rag-picker who cleans the station by discarding water bottles and other wastes. But he is not paid for his job and relies on remnants of food material thrown by passengers in and around railway lines and platform. He religiously collects the food available and ensures that stray dogs who are his family members get two meals a day and then feeds upon any leftover food. The railway officers having witnessed this humane act of Kamala offer him two packets of Biscuits every day. Though Kamala initially was reluctant to accept this gesture finally accepted it for the cause of his furry pets. This act of Kamala Lochan was observed by a film maker Raj Sampad also from Orissa, who made a short film on Kamala Lochan with the title “Man of God.” This short movie currently available on YouTube can be viewed below

The video went viral in the year 2015 and encouraged many people to help Kamala Lochan generously. Mr. Raj Sampad was able to collect approximately 10,000 INR in the form of donations. He utilized the same to help Kamala to get his limping leg treated. Those who watch this short movie will be moved by the contagious smile this sixty years old man has. Daily Kamala doses off to sleep with these furry friends, and few of them arrive late in the night. But Kamala ensures they also get their share of dinner before going to sleep.

Incidentally Raj Sampad, who made the Short Movie, also loves pet animals. His family members have made it a habit of feeding five stray dogs in their vicinity. Raj also has revealed an interesting fact that his primary intention was to make a movie about a lady feeding chicken to dogs in railway platform. But when he revisited he couldn’t find the lady but could instead find Kamala Lochan and took his permission to shoot him. Thus the movie “Man of God” was born and has today inspired many netizens across the globe through its human touch.

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