Khimjibhai Prajapati – The Beggar Who Donates All His Life Earnings to Poor Girl Student’s Education

We often find rich and elite sections of society donating to temples and poor to gather publicity and fame in the society. Often we find many temples of the nation filled with granite inscribe depicting the amount donated by so and so eminent personality from the society! Though the donations and charity by elite class will help the poor, the craving to gather fame from such act is not justifiable.

But Today’s post of Kalam Fan Club has an altogether different persona in focus. Mr. Khimjibhai Prajapati, a 69-year-old man, relying on crutches to walk is a beggar from Mehsana in the state of Gujarat. This man accumulates his entire year’s alms and uses it to purchase books, pens, uniforms and other school needs of underprivileged girls and donate them wholeheartedly with the great cause of uplifting girls in his immediate society of Mehsana, where the gender ratio is alarmingly against the female kids.

According to Times of India Newspaper, Khimjibhai like any other beggar operates outside the doors of Hanuman Temple and Simandhar Swami Jain Temple in Mehsana locality. He has been a studious observer of depleting girl child population in his neighborhood and strongly believes Education alone can uplift the girls and make them self-reliant in our society.

Donation Spree

Mr. Khimjibhai has been fighting for the cause of girl children from the past 13 years and he has made it a mandate to donate a major chunk of his earnings through begging to needy schools in the locality. His donation has gone to 12 primary schools including a school for disabled called Disha Day School. According to media estimation, he has contributed nearly 80,000 INR from his lifelong earnings to this cause.

The year 2016 has been a remarkable one for both Khimjibhai and to Anganwadi of Magpara School. The reason is Khimjibhai’s decision to donate earrings to destitute children of their school. School teachers carefully handpicked 10 children from a really poor background who dwell in slums and ensured Khimjibhai’s purpose was rightly met.

The Jeweller Deepak Shah who supplied these earrings to Khimjibhai, after knowing the reason behind purchase gave 3000 INR discount on the rings whose cost was 13000 INR each.

It is quoted by Times of India newspaper that a mother of one of the children Mrs. Kumud Luhariya was overwhelmed with joy from this gesture of Khimjibhai that she has said: “Dreaming Jewels are also impossible for us as we struggle to meet daily needs and Khimjibhai has made it a reality.”

Even an owner of one of the Anganwadi School in Mehsana, Ms. Sheetal Sathwara, wholeheartedly praise Khimjibhai for his intentions by rightly opining that “these days we cannot see instances of poor thinking to donate gold to girls and a beggar doing it is a stupendous act.”

The Kalam Fan Club unequivocally salutes this gentleman who is fighting for the cause of empowerment of girls. Time and again it is proven that Class of a person doesn’t come from birth but by their action and Khimjibhai is the best example for this.


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