Kia Silverbrook – The Man With 9700 Patents and Inventions Under His Name


When you think of greatest inventors of all time, you will probably remember Nikolai Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, and Graham Bell and so on. But your list of world’s greatest inventors probably will not have Kia Silverbrook’s name in it. You might be thinking, who is Kia Silverbrook and why should he be considered as world’s greatest inventor, that too alongside greats like Edison, Jobs, Bell and Tesla. Kia Silverbrook is considered as one of the greatest inventors of our time because this man from Australia holds the most patents under his name.

While Thomas Alwa one of the greatest inventors of all time accumulated around 2,300 patents, Kia Silverbrook holds a whopping 9700+ patents. Silverbrook also has founded companies and also developed products in a wide range of disciplines. His inventions include computer graphics, audio and video production, digital printing, digital video, digital music synthesis, robotics, 3D printing, scientific computing, factory automation, liquid crystal displays (LCD), molecular electronics, cryptography, nano technology, microfluidics, security inks, photovoltaic solar cells and much more. You are finding it difficult to read through a handful of his inventions, just think the magnanimity of his research and inventions.

Early Life

Kia Silverbrook was born in Australia in 1958. In 1977 he founded Fairlight Instruments, the developers of the first polyphonic digital sampling synthesizer. He developed and invented a real-time video effects computer – the Fairlight CVI. He released the same in 1984 when he was only 26 years of age. He continued to work at Fairlight Instruments till 1985 when he founded Integrated Arts, a parallel processing and computer graphics company using the Inmos transputer. Kia Silverbrook worked as the Managing Director of Integrated Arts until 1990.

In 1990 Silverbrook became the Executive Director of Canon Information Systems Research Australia (CiSRA). CiSRA was formed as the Australian research subsidiary of Canon, a Japanese electronics company. He continued as the Executive Director of the research subsidiary for the next four years.

Prolific Inventor

Kia Silverbrook became the world’s most prolific inventor on 28th of February in the year 2008. Interestingly the year which had brought much pain and stress all over the world due to the recession and financial breakdown, the same year proved to be a wonderful one for Silverbrook as he surpassed Japanese inventor Shunpei Shunpei Yamazaki. Shunpei had previously surpassed Thomas Alwa Edison as the world’s most prolific inventor of all time.

To register a variety of inventions and patent them, Silverbrook established a company, Priority matters, whose work is to file patents.

Silverbrook Research

In 1994 he quit CiSRA, to start his own research based company, Silverbrook Research, a research and development and invention licensing company. He is currently serving as the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Silverbrook Research, the company which developed Memjet printing technology, the Netpage viewer, the Hyperlabel, an alternative to RFID, digital pen technologies and much more. Since 2001 Silverbrook Research, has been appearing in the annual listings of the top 200 global companies. The company has achieved a lifetime high ranking of 28 among the top 200 global companies in 2008; this rank is given by US Patents after considering various parameters.


In the year 2002, Silverbrook co-founded Memjet a printer technology company, with the George Kaiser family as the Principal Investor. The model printers were demonstrated at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011 and many companies came forward to become the partner in producing this printer. The enterprises that came forward includes LG, Fuji, Canon, Xerox, Toshiba, Lenovo among many others. The company Memjet also won various prestigious awards, including Edison Awards 2012 Gold Medal, Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New – 2011” award being the notable ones.


Kia is also the founder and CEO of Netpage, a company based on technology which was originally patented by Silverbrook Research in 1999.


He is the founder and chairman of Genetic Analysis System (Geneasys) an Australian based company which is working on developing “KeyLab” a medical diagnostic device which analyses multiple devices from DNA using a standard smartphone. The primary objective of the company is to equip ordinary citizens with a simple to use, low cost and highly accurate diagnostic devices.

Superlattice Solar

Silverbrook founded this company in the year 2011. Superlattice Solar is a thin-film solar photovoltaic company targeting an installed cost per watt. It also includes the balance of systems, which aims at undercutting the cost of existing fossil fuel.

International Patents

INPADOC has revealed that Silverbrook holds 9874 patents or patent applications registered at the international patent document database. The database also includes patents that have not yet been granted or are in the process of granting a patent, and also some duplication of patents for different countries which result in an overestimated figure of the number of separate inventions.

Scientific Publications

Kia Silverbrook the world’s most prolific inventor has also co-authored papers and columns in the Journal of Chemical Physics, Chemical Physics Letters and the Journal of Physical Chemistry B. These papers mainly deal with carbon nanotubes and the electronic properties of molecular systems.

Kia Silverbrook an Australian inventor, scientist and serial entrepreneur is an inspiration to many of the inventors all around the world and by his inventions, he has shown to the world that the sky is the limit when it comes to achievement. He has also demonstrated by his actions that if a person so desires he can achieve anything and no goal is too big or impossible if the person conquers his mind. There seems to be no end to his collection of patents and it does seem at the moment that he will go on and achieve milestones after milestones in the field of invention and use his inventions as a tool to bring the much-needed change in the lives of human beings all around the world.


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