Kids Buy A Honda Activa Worth Rs 62,000 For Their Father With Only 10 Rupee Coins They Have

We are aware of many stories where parents save a lot of money in a systematic manner so as to gift a precious present to their kids on their special day. Parents put in a lot of efforts and even sacrifice their dreams to bring a big smile on their kid’s face by presenting them with big gifts on their birthday. Parents do everything they can to make sure their kids birthday turn out to be a day filled with wonderful memories. They arrange parties, invite guests and also sometimes take kids on vacation to celebrate their birthday at a special place but here is a story where kids have saved bit by bit over the years and bought a Honda Activa so that their dad could use it for his day to day work.

Yes, these kids from Udaipur, Rajasthan have broken the stereotype and gifted their father a scooter which is probably unheard of ever before. These kids are probably among the first ones who have saved such a huge amount for their age and donated a scooter to their dad on his birthday. This story of kids gifting a scooter to their dad has been going viral on the internet and has been receiving a positive response from every corner of the world.

The incident took place in Udaipur, Rajasthan where two kids visited a Honda showroom to buy a Honda Activa to gift it to their father. What surprised the staff of the shop was the fact that they had come with a bag full of Rs. 10 coins to buy the scooter. Thinking something was wrong; the staff refused to sell the scooter to them and tried to send them out of the shop. The kids then explained the story behind them bringing Rs. 10 coins worth of Rs. 62000 in order to buy the scooter and after listening to their emotional story the staff had a change of heart and hence agreed to sell the scooter to them.

The staff who were surprised by the fact that they had brought Rs. 10 coins along with them to buy the scooter actually sat down together to count the coins they had brought along. The staff spent over 2.5 hours to count the money they had given to the manager to buy the scooter. After they counted the money and were happy with the fact that it actually had Rs. 62000 they sold the scooter to the kids.

When asked why did they collected money in Rs. 10 coins rather than going for the easier option of collecting currency notes, they said they had a liking for Rs. 10 coins and used to change their pocket money to Rs. 10 coins. They had also vowed never to use even a single coin out of it for their own use. The kids had been collecting money for several years and this shows the commitment they had towards their goal of buying a scooter for their father who runs a small flour mill in the town.

The staff was pleased to listen to this story and after counting the coins they handed over the keys to the kids. We are extremely happy that this story has surfaced online and are happy to share the same with you. We do hope you will share this amazing story with your friends and family to bring a bright smile on their face just like the one you had when you were reading this story.


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