Kinjal Singh – The Lady Who Became IAS Officer To Send Her Father’s Murderers To Prison

There’s surely no one on this Earth who has not faced problems and struggles in life. Struggles, ups, and downs are a part of life and only those who show immense strength in their abilities and confidence in themselves during the time of struggle win the race of life thus becoming a source of inspiration for others who follow them. Though struggles are common and everyone has to go through their share of struggles in life, the struggles faced by Kinjal Singh would make your heart cry and after learning how she faced the difficulties and won the race of life by sheer grit and determination would make you respect her and derive inspiration from her life story.

Kinjal Singh lost her father, who was a Deputy Superintendent of Police KP Singh when she was only 6 months old. Her father had been shot down by his own colleagues and though the whole state knew this fact it took 31 years of continuous struggle to prove them guilty and put them behind bars. Vibha Devi, mother of Kinjal and Pranjal Singh had faced all kinds of struggles in life after her husband’s death but never gave up hope and made sure that her daughter’s would fulfill their father’s wish of becoming an IAS Officer.

The two sisters struggled hard and made their parents proud by fulfilling their dream but sadly their parents were not alive to watch them occupy that covered chair. It is not the end goal that is inspiring but the fact that they had gone through innumerable problems all through their lives and yet never gave up makes their story one of the most inspiring stories that we would come across ever.

Kinjal was only 6 months when she lost her mother and her sister Pranjal was still in the womb of Vibha Devi at the time. The pregnant widow of KP Singh would along with her 6 months old baby visit the Supreme Court every day would sit there from morning till evening and return back to home at night. This continued for three decades before the sisters were successful in getting the justice they so rightly deserved, but sadly they were devoid of their source of strength, their mother, who had succumbed to cancer. Kinjal had to write an exam two days after her mother’s death and yet she did not only pass the exam but bagged a gold medal in the examination

After graduation Kinjal brought her sister to stay with her in a rented apartment to prepare for the UPSC Examination which is touted to be one of the toughest examinations in the world. When their friends and fellow mates used to visit family and friends during the festivals these sisters had no one to go to, hence they would keep on studying with a single-minded goal to secure the rank that would help them become an IAS Officer through which they could not only fulfill their parents dream but would also get justice which was due.

The phase was very difficult but the sisters did not give up and kept on working hard to make sure they gave their best shot in the examination. On the day of the result the sisters made their parents proud by securing a rank which helped them become an IAS Officer. Kinjal secured 25th rank whereas Pranjal secured 252nd rank in the exam. Soon as they became the IAS Officer they took up the battle of getting justice by putting the culprits who had killed their father behind bars. The determination of the sisters sent a strong message across the judiciary and the Uttar Pradesh court passed death sentence to three policemen responsible for killing their father. Though this was a victory of sorts for the sisters they did not stop here and continued with their fight until one day when Special CBI Court adjudged all the 18 policemen as guilty and passed an order giving them due punishment for their acts.

Kinjal Singh who made sure the murderers of her father were sent behind bars, is today regarded as one of the fiery and honest IAS Officers in the country. Though she is an IAS Officer today, the path to success was never easy and she had to face all kinds of struggles to achieve whatever she has achieved till now. She truly is an inspiration to the younger generation who are going through tough times in their own life. Do share this story of struggle and glory so that it would motivate others to achieve their goals in life.


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