Lalita Ben – Indian Acid-Attack Survivor Finds Love After Dialing Wrong Number

Love and Acid Attacks go hand in hand in India. The majority of the victims of the Acid attack are women with the perpetrator splashing acid on the victim to deface or kill the person for trivial issues like not obliging to accept the perpetrator as their loved one. But Love failure is not the only reason for acid attacks incidences. The incidence of attacking the person who differs in their point of view also leads to the acid attack. As acid is easily accessible and cheap compared to arm and ammunitions and the deep rooted impact that it produces on victims in emotional and physical fronts is unimaginable. The perpetrators with the sadistic mindset resort to such crimes. According to Acid Survivors Foundation India, the number of acid attacks is increasing day by day, and in the year 2015 alone the figure has reached almost 250.


But here is a heart touching story of a girl by name Lalita Ben, from Mumbai, a victim of the acid attack by her cousin for a reason as trivial as a heated argument on some issue. Lalita’s face was disfigured, eyes damaged and had to undergo 17 surgeries to regain back some normalcy looks. Though she has become a prey of patriarchal mindset of society for a trivial issue like an argument, the most inspiring aspect is her Love story that spurted with a boy called Ravishankar after her physical appearance was disfigured. This Love story has successfully culminated with wedlock in May 2017.

The Turning Point of Love Story- A Wrong Phone Call

Lalita Ben’s Love story had a quite beginning when she dialed a wrong number. The wrong number dialed had a stranger on the other side by name Ravishankar, a CCTV operator by profession. The acquaintance grew up to friendship and finally to an intimate relationship called Love. Lalita has admitted in media that—it was Ravi Shankar who gave her the confidence that a Love relationship can begin even after getting physically defaced. Ravishankar is a happy guy owing to the fact that he couldn’t have got a better girl than Lalita. But he is candid to admit that he had to face a lot of hiccups in making his mother agree to accept this girl as ‘Bahu’—the daughter-in-law.

The Philanthropic Act of Vivek Oberoi

Lalita has undergone trauma that cannot be expressed in words. To regain somewhat acceptable facial looks she had to undergo 17 surgeries, and the surgery spree has not ended. She has to undergo many more surgeries, and noted actor Vivek Oberoi who met Lalita in some function has accepted to bear her medical expenses. The Sahaas Foundation of Mumbai has to be applauded for initiating such an activity of bringing in acid victims under one forum so that attention of celebrities is drawn towards the situation of conditions of such victims.

While many girls are defaced by the heinous act of male dominated society for they not obliged to dance to their tunes, Love story of Lalita-Ravishankar is a true inspiration to all of us to accept that True Love emerges from the heart and not mere physical looks.

Kalam Fan Club wishes a happy married life to Lalita and Ravishankar.


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