Lord Krishna’s Gravity-Defying Butter Ball is Making Scientists Go Crazy

Vaanirai Kal or Krishna’s butter ball is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mahabalipuram, Chennai. This amazingly huge stone is 20 ft. long and weighs 250-tons. The Butterball which has a diameter of 5 meters is sitting on a 45-degree sloppy mountain without moving an inch for the past 1300 years. The fact that the stone is perched on this 45-degree slope has made scientists go crazy and has attracted thousands of tourists who visit the site to witness this incredible sight of a gravity-defying rock.

The giant rock sitting at the edge of the mountain looks like it is about to roll down from the mountain, but the fact is that the rock is in stationery position for the past 1300 years which has attracted all kinds of stories and researchers. But till today not even one credible source has been able to explain the reason behind such a big rock sitting on the edge without rolling off for such an extended period.

The locals believe that the rock is formed from the butter that Lord Krishna used to steal from his mother’s butter jar. They believe that while enjoying the delicious butter, a pinch of butter fell on this place, and then it took the shape of rock, and hence localities call the rock as ‘Krishna’s Butter Ball.’

While many believe the rock was placed at the edge to prove their power, there are others who feel the rock might have been placed on a hill slope near the Ganesh Ratha by Aliens thousands of years ago. The scientists simply believe that the rock sitting at the edge is a natural formation. But the Geologists argue that natural formation cannot be the reason as the shape of rock seems unlikely to be due to natural corrosion. Even though there are various stories built around the giant rock none of them have a convincing answer to put all the doubts to rest.

The awkward positioning of the rock and its gravity-defying mystery attracts thousands of tourists every year, and the tourists with the nerves of steel stand under this ridiculously large stone to click photographs. It’s also common to see visitors placing a hand under the rock to click photographs which seem like they are holding the stone on their palm. We can also see people taking rest under the shades of rock and small children playing as the slippery hill makes a natural slide.

Mahabalipuram which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site is an ancient town with the history of having one of the busiest ports in India. Ancient Indians used Mahabalipuram as a port to connect with the countries of South East Asia. Though Mahabalipuram no longer serves as a port anymore, it still is one of the main attractions for tourists who visit Chennai every year.  The reason for this is not only the awkward positioning of the rock and the stories behind it but also the fact that even after several attempts the rock has been stationery at the same place for the past one millennium.

Failed attempts to dislodge the rock

  1. The first attempt to dislodge ‘Krishna’s Butter Ball’ was made by the Pallava King Narasimhan, a famous ruler of Southern India. But he failed badly to accomplish in his mission and finally after several attempts gave up the idea of dislodging the rock.He ruled South India in between 630 AD to 668 AD.
  2. Fearing for the safety of town which sits at the base of the hill, Arthur Lawley, Governor of Madras made an unsuccessful attempt to move the rock from its original position in 1908. It is said that Lawley deployed seven elephants to move the rock, but in vain he too gave up on the idea of moving the rock after several failed attempts.

Since then, nobody has made any serious efforts to dislodge the rock, and as a result of it, this giant rock sits comfortably on the 45-degree slope giving headaches to scientists who even now find it difficult to understand the logic behind the rock being stationery at the same position for the last millennia. Whatever the reason might be and whatever the story behind the position of the rock might be, this awkwardly positioned rock definitely reveals to us that everything which science says is not true and there are instances where science has to accept the fact that there can be no logical explanation for the weird formation of certain things which have created wonders in the world.



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