Man Born Without Hands And Legs Becomes Pro Photographer, The Photos He Takes Are Awesome

It is a beautiful world for those who are ready to put in efforts to make their lives beautiful and the same world is a misery for those who try to look at problems everywhere rather than seeking answers. It is a universal truth that if anyone on this earth has achieved any level of greatness then it is because of sheer determination and a fire to achieve something worthwhile in life. People do not achieve greatness just like that; it takes discipline and determination to be unique in this world which is full of average people all around. As they rightly say, if greatness were to be achieved easily, all human beings would have been great by birth.

The biggest roadblock which stops a person from achieving success is the fact that average people tend to look at the negative aspects in life and waste their precious time and energy in things that do not contribute to making life better for them. But, the successful ones or those who have achieved greatness in life accept the fact that problems are part and parcel of life and to achieve something worthwhile they would have to find solutions to these problems and win the race of life. This article is one fine example of how a human being can stop looking at the negative aspects of his life and achieve success in life by focusing on positive things that could help him become better with each passing day.

Achmad Zulkarnain was born without any hands and legs yet he is one of the best photographers in his locality making people draw their jaws when they look at the photos clicked by this amazing photographer. Think about it, Zulkarnain lacks fingers which are so crucial to click photo’s yet he has overcome this deficit by his unique idea of using extra skin on his arms and face to click pictures.

Achmad Zulkarnain is so famous for his photography skills that he is the preferred photographer of many models in and around his locality. People are so mesmerized by his photography skills that they come again and again to satisfy their need for clicking beautiful photographs. Not only portraits but Zulkarnain has gained a name for himself even in the field of nature photography. He has clicked some stunning nature scenes that they will leave you awestruck whenever you stumble on them. You would be happy to know that this man who was born without hands and legs has set up a company – DZOEL, to help him manage the amazing business he is receiving in his local area.

He says that he doesn’t want people to look at him and then judge his photographs rather he wants them to enjoy their creativity which he thinks is his greatest strength. This guy is nothing short of an inspiration to people all over the world and he with his success has reiterated the fact that hard work and determination can help any person become better in life and turn the dreams into reality. Though he was disabled from life, he chose to see the positive side life had to offer and thus became a successful person overcoming all the problems life threw at him.

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