Manan Chaturvedi – Mother of 109 Kids and Going Ahead to Create Shelter for 2500 Children

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.”

Parents often make their children exhibit their talents in front of guests to recite rhymes, sing songs, dance or showcase any of their inherent talents. Obviously, it is a sense of pride for all parents to portray their wards talents. There are some individuals who aren’t blessed to have biological children, and they adopt one or two kids and bring them with all pride. Meet Mrs. Manan Chaturvedi, (basically a designer by profession) who has adopted 109 kids and through her ‘Surman Sansthan’ looking after every need of the children with utmost care. Her love for these abandoned children is of the purest form, and her service needs applaud from all sections of society.

The turning point in her life came when she saw a 7-year-old girl lying naked next to a municipality dustbin of Jaipur. Looking at her, Manan was terrified. She quickly wrapped the girl in her dupatta and brought her home. She had nowhere to go and therefore, Manan and her husband decided to keep her with us.  She was disturbed to the core by witnessing such an incident. She felt designing clothes a worthless job if she cannot afford to give food and clothing to the destitute kids. Very next day she started visiting various slums in her vicinity and started distributing food and clothes. It was during this selfless mission she came across a baby with deficiency of hemoglobin she did her level best to save the baby, and today the baby has grown up and is going to school like any other children.

Inception of Surman Sansthan

Manan Chaturvedi wanted to give a planned direction to her movement. Thus came into existence Surman Sansthan which might look like any other orphanage but has a motherly love imbibed within that none of these kids are given for adoption, and Mrs. Manan takes care of their health, food and schooling needs on her own. Her commitment to the Surman Sansthan is to its core that even her biological children live in this orphanage along with other kids. Thus she has earned the title ‘Mother of 98 children’. She even rejected a lucrative job offer from the USA. But never turns down any international support that she obtains for running her organization and has devoted her life to raising funds for this orphanage from various sections of society.

Destitute Kids are like Bougainville Flowers 

Mrs. Manan often compares these abandoned kids of street side to Bougainville flowers grown on fence walls and streets who have no caretakers. She is upset over the behavior of society in general towards these abandoned kids and frankly opines that very few in this society come forward to help the needy and this attitude should change.

Appointment as Chairperson of Child Rights Protection Commission

Mrs.Manan’s relentless service to uplift the abandoned kids have been recognized by the Rajasthan Govt. and she has been appointed as chairperson of Child rights commission of the state. With new responsibilities on her shoulder, she has chalked out plans for building a home for 2500 children who are neglected by this society for various reasons.

Kalam Fan Club is proud of this incredible human being who has donned the role of a mother for hundreds of homeless kids in this era where hypocrisy and selfishness are the predominant rulers.



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