Meet The Identical Twins Who Spent Rs. 13,00,000 On Surgery To Look Like Brad Pitt

The world is a strange place! People who are gifted with everything tend to find the things that lack in life and try to make amends so that they can fulfill it. As far as they try to make the amends by the natural way there doesn’t arise any problem but when the youngsters use unnatural ways to make amends in their life, they tend to fall prey to many problems which ultimately leads to disastrous consequences. This article is a mirror to those instances where people have used unnatural means to make amends in their life and have got very bad results out of it. Through this article, we would like to appeal to our readers to use caution whenever taking a decision which might have a direct impact on their lives.

Brad Pitt, the name itself starts ringing bells in anyone’s heart. Girls especially love this Hollywood star for his amazing looks and physique and boys wish they could look like him as it would attract the attention of girls around them. There are people all over the world who have pasted his posters in their bedroom, who fantasize him and so on. But these twin brothers from Arizona went a step ahead and got themselves under the knives to get a makeover and look like Brad Pitt. Yes, you read it right, they actually spent $ 20,000 (Over 13 lakhs in INR) to sport a look like Mr. Brad Pitt, the heartthrob of Hollywood.

They were only 21 years old when they underwent the surgery and their journey was documented by MTV on a show ‘I want a Famous Face’ which primarily featured crazy fans who underwent surgery to look like their favorite star. You would be surprised to know that Matt and Mike underwent surgery to look like Brad Pitt because they thought it would help them gain fame among girls and as a result they would be able to attract the attention of even those girls who otherwise would not even notice them. Even after knowing that, plastic surgery is performed at the cost of the patient and the surgeon is not liable for any damages caused to the patient, they underwent the surgery.

The twins were delighted with the surgery and felt they should have tried it early in life. Look at the picture below, do you find any resemblance to Brad Pitt?

When asked about their experience after undergoing surgery, Matt was of the opinion that surgery was worth it and he would it ten times over as he has been able to get more girls after undergoing surgery. Mike shared his experience and said that he never thought he could be so happy ever in his life. He says he feels like he’s on top of the world right now and advises others to undergo surgery to give themselves a chance to become famous among girls.

While it might seem to be a quick fix to get great results it is believed that the twins might have undergone many more surgeries to maintain their look and had to change their lifestyle completely so that the expensive surgery did not boomerang on them. There’s one more story however which shows you how wrong a surgery can go and how badly can it affect your mental and physical health.

Sahar Tabar, a 19-year-old girl from Iran, was a beautiful woman and was famous among her friends for her amazing looks. But one day she heard of plastic surgery which could change her completely and make her look like her favorite actress – Angelina Jolie. So in order to get that amazing looks, Sahar too underwent knife to transform herself but the consequences were disastrous. Look at her picture before undergoing surgery and then look at the picture after she underwent surgery.

Doesn’t it bother you to see such a beautiful girl who was willing to do anything to look like Angelina Jolie meet such a disastrous consequence? It is not only about her looks, but her mental and physical health has also taken a beating and doctors are of the opinion that she would have to be supplied with proteins through a feeding tube to bring her physical health back and would have to undergo psychiatric therapy or she would die of starvation.

So we request you not to take decisions in a haze and suffer for the rest of your life. Do share this article with your friends and family to help them make an informed decision in their life.

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