Meet The World’s Oldest Surgeon Who Is 89 Years Old And Still Performs 4 Operations A Day

Being a doctor is a tough enough job. You have to be on your toes 24×7 and many a time doctors have to go through days without getting enough rest. That is one of the reasons why many doctors we see in and around our area are suffering from one problem or the other. It is assumed that being a surgeon is one of the toughest jobs in the world. One has to be very attentive and cannot be complacent in any way. One wrong step could cost patient’s life and hence one has to be fully dedicated to be a great surgeon and it is generally accepted that with age human beings lose precision and hence naturally cannot continue as surgeon anymore. But this 90-year-old lady from Russia has proved everyone wrong by her amazing achievements.

Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina, who is only 4ft 9inch tall is still serving as a surgeon at this age of 89 years, probably becoming the oldest surgeon ever in the history of humanity. She has a clinic and also serves as a surgeon in order to help the people in all the ways possible. Alla who stays in Ryazan, Southeast of Moscow, starts her day early at 8 am by attending patients at her clinic. Then she makes way towards operation theatre to perform surgery on her patients. She dedicates herself to this work from about 11 am every day.

Due to her height she makes use of a small platform to get a better view of the patient she is operating and people of the area say that she does a very good job. People sometimes get stunned by the preciseness and steady hands she has even at an age of 90 years. Just to make you understand how good she is at operating people, in the last 67-years as a doctor she has performed over 10,000 surgeries.

You might be thinking she was born to be a doctor and had always dreamt of becoming one. Just like she surprises you with her amazing skills at this age, she also has a surprise in store here too. Originally she was passionate about Geology and wanted to be a geologist but after reading a novel on doctors she changed her mind and applied for medical seat at Moscow Medical Institute. At that time, it was not easy to secure a seat at the institute as there was intense competition to secure a place at the institute and this competition rather than making her feel nervous, made her that much more stronger and inspired her to work hard to gain a place. That’s what she did and as they say rest is history.

This oldest surgeon in the world chose to specialize in proctology, which deals with bowel and rectal problems. Once again, she chose a field which was not popular and as per Alla, one could easily count the number of Proctologists present in Russia on their fingers. Yes, you read it right, she chose the field which was unpopular as it was considered messy and hence people did not want to deal with that part of the body.

When asked about her retirement plans, Alla says, she has no such plans in mind and will continue to perform the toughest of tough surgeries four days a week.

Reading about her makes us firmly believe in the words – Age is just a number, its what’s that matters. True, though she has aged it has never gone to her mind and hence she has been continuing the fantastic work she has been doing for the past 67 years. Do share this article as a big salute to the lady who has proved by her work that, if you love something by heart, nothing can stop you from doing it until you breathe your last.


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